Recycling plastic bottles for growing onions and garlic, vertical garden ideas

I, as an enthusiastic gardener, have discovered a brilliant way to incorporate eco-friendly practices into my passion for growing onions and garlic. By recycling plastic bottles, I have managed to create unique vertical gardens that not only save space but also contribute to a greener environment. In this blog post, I will share with you some innovative ideas and techniques on how to transform discarded plastic bottles into flourishing onion and garlic gardens. Join me as I dive into the world of vertical gardening and explore the endless possibilities it presents for sustainable living.


Hello there! Today, I want to share with you some exciting ideas on how to recycle plastic bottles for growing onions and garlic. Not only is this a fantastic way to repurpose waste, but it also allows us to create a beautiful vertical garden. So, let’s dive right in and explore these innovative gardening ideas together!

Heading 1: Recycling Plastic Bottles for Growing Onions and Garlic

Sub-heading 1: Why should we recycle plastic bottles for gardening purposes?

When it comes to plastic waste, recycling is crucial for our environment. By repurposing plastic bottles, we can reduce our carbon footprint and take a step towards a greener future. Furthermore, reusing plastic bottles for gardening is a budget-friendly option that allows us to grow fresh produce at home.

Sub-heading 2: How to prepare plastic bottles for gardening?

To begin, gather some plastic bottles and make sure they are clean and free from any residue. Cut the bottles in half horizontally, ensuring you have two sections – the bottom half and the top half. The bottom half will serve as the container for growing onions and garlic, while the top half will act as a water reservoir.

Sub-heading 3: Growing onions and garlic in plastic bottles

  1. Choose the appropriate onions and garlic varieties: Look for varieties that are suitable for container gardening, such as scallions or shallots. These types tend to have shallow root systems and can thrive in the limited space provided by the plastic bottles.

  2. Fill the bottom half of the bottle with potting soil: Ensure the soil is well-drained and rich in nutrients. Leave a gap of about an inch from the top for watering purposes.

  3. Plant the onions and garlic: Plant the bulbs in the soil, leaving enough space between each bulb for growth. Gently press the bulbs into the soil, making sure they are firmly rooted.

  4. Watering and maintenance: Water the plants regularly, making sure the soil remains moist but not waterlogged. Place the top half of the bottle upside down inside the bottom half to act as a water reservoir. This allows the plant to draw the water it needs.

  5. Sunlight requirements: Place the plastic bottle garden in an area that receives adequate sunlight, preferably 6-8 hours a day. Onions and garlic thrive in sunlight and need it for their growth and development.

  6. Harvesting: Once the bulbs have matured and the foliage starts to turn yellow, it’s time to harvest your homegrown onions and garlic. Gently pull them out from the soil, taking care not to damage the bulbs.

Sub-heading 4: Vertical Garden Ideas

Vertical gardens are not only visually appealing but also a great space-saving solution. By utilizing plastic bottles, we can create stunning vertical gardens to grow onions and garlic.

  1. Wall-mounted plastic bottle planters: Attach plastic bottles to a vertical structure, such as a wall or trellis, using sturdy hooks or nails. Fill the bottles with soil, plant the bulbs, and watch your vertical garden come to life.

  2. Hanging plastic bottle gardens: Suspend plastic bottles from the ceiling or a sturdy rod using strings or ropes. These hanging gardens not only provide an excellent growing space for onions and garlic but also add a touch of greenery to your indoor or outdoor space.


In conclusion, recycling plastic bottles for growing onions and garlic is a fantastic way to repurpose waste and create a beautiful vertical garden. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily start your own plastic bottle garden and enjoy the benefits of homegrown produce. If you want to explore more gardening ideas like this, don’t forget to subscribe, like, and share. Let’s work together towards a greener and more sustainable future!


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