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Q: In a current article about aphids you talked about how vital ant management is. My query is what’s the easiest way to maintain ants away from my citrus (Meyer lemon and cara cara orange)? Some are within the floor and others are in giant pots. Are there any vegetation that repel ants?

A: Ants is usually a drawback all through the backyard and home, however there are a number of methods you should use in opposition to them.

We (like everybody else in coastal California) have nests of Argentine ants throughout our property. It appears that any time we attempt to dig a gap or pull weeds, we find yourself disturbing an ants’ nest. For ant management all through your yard (and to stop ants from invading your private home), ant baits in stations are the very best answer. These require an preliminary funding since you will have no less than one station for all sides of your own home and possibly a couple of extra scattered all through your yard and backyard. There are a number of varieties of bait and bait stations accessible. Bait can are available in liquid or granular kind, and so they require various kinds of bait stations.

When buying bait, guarantee that it incorporates not more than 1% borate. Ants will take the bait again to their nest and share with their nestmates. If the bait incorporates an excessive amount of borate, it should kill the ants earlier than they will attain their nest. This defeats the purpose, despite the fact that prompt ant demise is sort of gratifying.

If you simply wish to preserve ants out of a specific tree or shrub, an alternative choice is Tanglefoot. This is a really sticky, gooey substance that may forestall ants from climbing right into a plant. It can normally be present in backyard facilities and is offered in a small plastic tub. Don’t apply it straight as a result of it could actually injury bark. First, wrap a portion of the trunk in polyester quilt batting. Then, wrap duct tape snugly over the batting and smear the Tanglefoot over the duct tape. Wrap the tape over the batting tightly sufficient in order that ants can’t crawl beneath and bypass the Tanglefoot.

Word of warning: Use disposable gloves when making use of Tanglefoot, and apply it utilizing a picket popsicle stick or a plastic knife. You don’t wish to get this sticky, gooey stuff in your palms and uncover that it’s a must to use the lavatory. It doesn’t wash off!

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