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Spring attracts the first warming rays of sunshine, lifting our spirits up and alerting us inwardly, in addition to the world around us. Our gardens attract us revitalization throughout the beauty of the flowers, the odor in the plants, the majority of the insects, the music of the birds, and action of the small critters busy in their everyday routines.
A backyard is a luxury available in each area of the Earth, and on every scale, by a big country estate into a window . Whether casual and densely populated, or formal and tasteful, a prosperous backyard is the result of careful planning-rich tapestries of colours, textures and contours in natural harmony. To make and maintain a garden requires not only creativity, but a lasting will.
Garden center specialists can advise on the measures required to reawaken your backyard and prepare it for the summer months ahead. Once the bud is fertilized and the flower beds have been planted, then now is the time to bring a bit “whimsey” to your backyard. Ponds and fountains, statuary, sundials, wind chimes, and garden flags could make a focal point or decorate a motif from the backyard. Birds will be drawn to the backyard by the noise of running water from a fountain. Gazing balls include a Victorian flair. Sundials attract a classic mood.
So, do move into your backyard and start a new year, one full of beauty, relaxation, whimsey, and pleasure.
For further info, consult with the backyard experts in Green Thumb Garden Center, 23734 Newhall Ave., Old Town Newhall.


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