The 12-Bed Amendment Experiment: Taste-Test Results!


To finish the 12-bed amendment experimentation, we ran a taste-test of this turnips and radishes:

The radish variety was Red King, the turnip variety was White Lady. Both are hybrid varieties.

We climbed these origins in 12 beds, of which only 6 gave us great returns, these function as alfalfa, billed biochar, Solomon’s golden, lasagna garden, worm castings along with 10-10-10 beds. Five of the additional 12 beds were fed liquid packs that weren’t sufficient to offer superior yields; the last mattress was sown with only a cover crop.

Flavor Notes on Radishes:

Worm Castings: Sweet, nice, quite pleasant

Lasagna Garden: Harder, less eloquent, more sting – more taste than worm castings radish

Alfalfa: Crisp, moderate taste less than lasagna, more than worm castings, fine caked

Charged Biochar: Very good taste and feel, sweetest, a bit burn, succulent

10-10-10: Earthy, woody borders, most alluring of all, somewhat sour

Solomon’s Gold: Mild, complicated, much more burn than biochar, less sweet as biochar

Radishes Ranked by Overall Flavor:

1. Charged Biochar

2. Solomon’s Gold

3. Alfalfa

4. Worm Castings

5. Lasagna Garden

6. 10-10-10

Flavor Notes on Turnips

Worm Castings: Mild, sweet, dull

Lasagna Garden: Juicy, sweet, moderate

Alfalfa: Great feel, juicy, quite gentle, buttery

Biochar: Denser texture, much more pinch, earthier, candy

10-10-10: Rubbery, inadequate taste, slightly sour, “like what you think of when you think of turnips”

Solomon’s Gold: Great texture, much more pinch, very succulent, sulfury zip, much more intricate taste

Turnips Ranked by Overall Flavor:

1. Alfalfa/Solomon’s Gold

2. Biochar

3. Worm castings

4. Lasagna Garden

5. 10-10-10


With these outcomes in mind, I’m building a mattress fed with layers of manure and alfalfa, in addition to billed biochar and also an application of Solomon’s Gold. I can place a video on its structure shortly.

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