Oklahoma Proven gardening collections shown for 2021


STILLWATER – While a few people today appear to be born with green horn , others need a little support to bring their gardening skills into full bloom. The popular Oklahoma Proven plant promotion program at Oklahoma State University is providing that guidance again for 2021.

As it has for more than two decades, Oklahoma Proven has put a spotlight on the annualsperennials, trees and shrubs that have proven to grow well in Oklahoma’s diverse climate, said David Hillock, OSU Extension consumer horticulturist.

“Our goal with the Oklahoma Proven plants is to make selections that are tolerant of the varied and difficult environmental conditions found across the state,” Hillock said. “Gardeners using well-adapted plants should help lead them to greater success in the landscape.”

The selections for this year are:

Tree – Southern magnolia Teddybear®.

Shrub –Virginia sweetspire.

Perennial – Prinz Heinrich Japanese anemone.

Annual – various species and cultivars of Cuphea.

Hillock said the Southern magnolia is the southern belle of the evergreen plant world with species that can reach 80 feet tall and 50 feet wide. This tree is popular because it produces large, fragrant, creamy white flowers. Traditionally found on large estates and plantations in the south, this tree is too large for many urban landscapes today.

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