Memorial ‘Kindness Garden’ to be constructed in Agawam’s School Street Park


AGAWAM – An Agawam Rocks Kindness Garden will be constructed sometime in the spring within the city’s School Street Park.

This job is an expansion of this “Agawam Rock Club,” that is a tiny collective which “paints rocks for all to enjoy and hide around town.” The club has been devised last February by neighborhood resident Jen Baginski, who desired to locate way to honor her brother that passed away from December of 2019.

“I was looking to do a memorial garden for my brother since he is the reason that I started this [rocks] project,” stated Baginski. “It’s going to be a beautiful, relaxing garden with positive, beautiful rocks.”

Baginski was working together with the Agawam Park and Recreation Department to formulate a definite strategy for where and when the backyard could be put. While there isn’t any set start date for building, the city and the club will start working on it in March or April, based upon when the snow melts.

“We’re going to have rocks that people can take home, paint, and then bring back to be put into the garden,” stated Baginski. “There’s a real cute place in School Street for it.”

Once the city builds the true garden, Baginski stated that she’ll ask a few of the kids who’ve been part of the club since the start to assist with executing a giant stone in the center of the backyard. One of these kids will probably be painting that stone while other kids help her produce a lot of stepping stones.

Out of the parks, Baginski believed that School Street Park was an ideal place to make this garden due to how busy it is.

“It’s always busy there,” she explained.

The backyard is going to be a continuation of Baginski’s reason to spread consciousness in any way she could during the community. She stated she’s thankful for all the contributions she has received within the previous months, also stated that the club is virtually in their aim of $1,500, which will go toward the building of the backyard.

“The people who have donated are so amazing,” stated Baginski. “I want to make this garden a place where people can just relax.”

The stone treasure searches will be moving till April, based on Baginski. Interested parties may stop by the Agawam Rocks Facebook webpage to learn more about people at The Agawam Rocks Club also have painted stones with the senior centre and also Sunshine Village. Baginski plans on working with the library at 2021 to operate in their own summer reading program, and should the planet opens back in the summertime, she also wishes to take part in craft fairs throughout the month of August.

“We’ve really had a lot of fun as a group,” stated Baginski. “I can’t wait for the future, especially since we’ll be able to do activities again.”

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