Kale & Caramel Highlights Beautiful, Practical Uses for Herbs and Flowers


Lily Diamond of this lovely Kale & Caramel website has a new book out that observes farm fresh ingredients such as herbs and blossoms, and the numerous ways they may be utilized in the context of dining and attractiveness. While that the notion of farm-to-table ingestion was popular for decades, few foodies at the area have been able to modulated relay the multiplicity of applications that a number of the world’s most well-known blossoms and herbs could provide– rose and lavender, by way of instance, may be used to create skin-softening beauty treatments, but they also include finesse and intrigue into desserts.

Why not mix the two ideas into one, easy-to-reference novel?

With the book of Kale & Caramel, a selection of 80 vegetarian and vegan recipes for sweet and salty foods, Diamond accomplishes exactly that.

Each chapter of this new novel exudes one fragrant herb or flower and arouses it’s uses to recipes for breakfast, dinner, lunch, dessert… and plant-based infusions, body and face masks, exfoliation, and lotions. (Think: lavender oat milk bathrooms, blackberry basil curing masks, brightening citrus scrubs, and so on. Ingredients you are able to declare, in mixes that nourish your entire body, mind, and soul.)

Image courtesy of Lily Diamond

With beautiful photographs and easy-to-follow directions, the book is must for anybody seeking to (literally and metaphorically) return into the roots of eating well and prioritizing self-care– without too much fuss or time cost.

We love Diamond’s recipe for Fig & Honeyed Thyme Ricotta Galette (above) as much as we adore her recipe to the endearingly-named two component “Night Night Oil” (recorded in the gallery under ), which can be so straightforward and satisfying to create you’ll never spend money on costly aromatherapy oils .

Check more graphics from in the book, under.

Kale & Caramel is available for purchase today. To receive your copy of this publication, proceed here.

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