Jade Plant Pruning Information & How To Make It Bushy


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Pruning jade vegetation is necessary to be able to keep their measurement, form, and general well being. In this submit, you’ll study why, when, and precisely methods to prune Crassulas, step-by-step.

How To Prune A Jade Plant

Pruning a jade plant just isn’t tough, nevertheless it’s additionally not intuitively apparent for those who’ve by no means performed it earlier than.

It’s undoubtedly intimidating for those who don’t know what to do. But happily jade vegetation are very forgiving, and may take a tough pruning.

Once you learn the way, you may get into the behavior of often trimming it. Then you’ll be capable to keep a bushy, extra compact, and more healthy plant.

Below I’ll let you know why and when to trim your jade plant, and the perfect instruments to make use of. Then I’ll present you step-by-step precisely methods to do it the correct method.

Should I Prune My Jade Plant?

Yes, it is best to prune your jade plant often as a part of your common care routine. It’s widespread for them drop older leaves and skinny out within the center as they age.

If they’re by no means trimmed, over time they will develop into skinny and scraggly wanting, or uncontrolled and overgrown.

Why Prune Crassulas?

There are a number of the explanation why it is best to prune your jade plant. I’ve already talked about a couple of above, however I’ll record all of them right here for you.

  • Maintain their measurement – When left untrimmed, jade vegetation can develop into giant, unruly, or leggy.
  • Control the form – It’s very simple to regulate their measurement and form, which is why they’re so common to make use of for bonsai.
  • Keep them more healthy – Removing lifeless or damages leaves and branches retains them more healthy, and prevents illness and fungus points.
  • Rejuvenate it – Regular pinching and pruning ends in thick clusters of latest leaves, which makes them fuller and bushier.
New Crassula leaf clusters forming after pruning
New Crassula leaf clusters forming after pruning

When To Prune Jade Plants

The greatest time of the 12 months to prune jade vegetation is spring by early summer time. If you do it within the fall or winter on one stored indoors, the brand new development can rapidly develop into leggy and weak.

Otherwise for those who stay in a heat local weather the place they’re outdoors year-round, then you possibly can trim them at any time. But I like to recommend ready till after they’re performed blooming.

Keep in thoughts that the brand new leaves might not begin forming instantly if it’s cool through the winter.

Overgrown jade plant that needs pruning
Overgrown jade plant that wants pruning

It’s essential to make use of the correct instruments for pruning jades. First, ensure your chopping software is clear and sharp so it doesn’t crush or tear the stems.

Also, use a software that’s proportionate to the dimensions of the stems you’re chopping. To take away suggestions and smaller branches, I like to recommend precision pruners, a micro-tip snip, or bonsai shears.

It shall be a lot simpler to take away bigger stems and thick branches with heavy-duty pruners, a lopper, or perhaps a hand saw for additional giant ones.

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Techniques For Pruning Jades

There are two fundamental strategies you need to use for trimming jade vegetation: chopping again the stems and branches, or pinching out the ideas.

Trimming Back Stems & Branches

For jade vegetation which might be uncontrolled or unattractive, you’ll have to take away full stems and branches.

In some circumstances, you’ll have to be pretty aggressive together with your cuts to be able to get it wanting wholesome once more.

Cutting back jade plant branches
Cutting again jade plant branches

Pinching The Tips

Pinching is the gentler method for sustaining their general form and measurement. With this technique, you merely pinch out the tender new leaves and suggestions.

Most folks simply use their fingers to do that, however you possibly can reduce them off as an alternative for those who want.

Pinching out new tips on Crassula plant
Pinching out new recommendations on Crassula plant

How To Prune A Jade Plant Step-By-Step

The greatest method to repair a leggy jade plant or tame an overgrown one is to chop it again. Below I’ll stroll you thru the steps for every.

The excellent news is that it doesn’t matter the place you chop the stems, they may regrow proper under the wound. But right here are some things to remember earlier than you get began.

  • Make cuts at a downward angle – It’s essential to take your cuts at a downward angle so water will run off. If it settles into the wound, it’s going to trigger them to rot.
  • Never take away the entire leaves – Though Crassulas can take a tough pruning, it’s by no means a good suggestion to take away the entire leaves at one time. Doing so can stunt their development, and may find yourself killing them.

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Pruning A Leggy Jade Plant

It’s simple to prune a leggy, however in any other case wholesome jade plant, particularly if it’s pretty small.

The objective right here is to chop again the longest, leggiest branches, and pinch out the recommendations on the shorter ones.

Depending on how leggy it’s, chances are you’ll wish to repeat these steps each few weeks because it branches out.

Step 1. Find the longest branches – Cut again the leggiest branches to the identical size because the medium to shorter ones.

If they’re all the identical size, then simply trim a couple of at a time. Don’t take away them all of sudden although.

Step 2. Remove droopy or curved stems – If there are any stems which have gotten so lengthy they’re drooping or curved, then reduce these again subsequent.

Step 3. Pinch the ideas – Snip out the highest two child leaves or the tender new suggestions each few inches.

You might pinch the recommendations on the entire branches if you would like, so long as there are different leaves under them.

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Leggy jade plant branches
Leggy jade plant branches

Pruning Overgrown Jade Plants

If your jade plant has develop into overgrown, you then’ll have to do a extra intensive pruning.

In this case, there’ll probably be lifeless or dying leaves and branches that you just’ll have to take away as nicely.

You might be pretty aggressive with it for those who’re courageous sufficient. But for those who’re a beginner, then plan to do that in a number of iterations.

Step 1. Remove lifeless leaves and branches – I like to begin by eradicating the entire lifeless stuff as a result of it clears the muddle, and makes it simpler to see what you’re working with.

Trimming off a dead jade branch
Trimming off a lifeless jade department

Step 2. Trim again broken stems – Look for branches which might be dying, broken, cracked, or displaying indicators of rot, and reduce these again to the wholesome a part of the stem.

Step 3. Cut again the stragglers – Overgrown jades will probably have numerous lengthy branches which might be largely leafless on the underside. Prune again the worst of them to form the plant.

Step 4. Monitor your progress – It’s very simple to get carried away together with your clipping, and wind up with an uneven or lopsided plant.

So take a step again each few cuts to be sure you’re not overdoing it, and that the form is even.

Step 5. Cut again lower than you assume – Like I discussed above, pruning an overgrown jade plant that has been uncared for for years will take a number of iterations.

So trim it again somewhat at a time, then repeat these steps because the reduce branches begin filling in once more.

Beautifully pruned jade plant
Beautifully pruned jade plant

FAQs About Trimming A Jade Plant

In this part, I’ll deal with among the most often requested query about jade plant pruning. If you don’t see your reply right here, ask about it within the feedback.

How do I make my jade plant bushy?

The solely method to make your jade plant bushy is to prune it frequently. Once it reaches the specified fullness, pinch it again each few months to take care of the shape.

Can I reduce my jade plant in half?

Yes, you possibly can reduce your jade plant in half so long as you don’t take away the entire leaves and branches at one time.

Can you chop a jade plant trunk?

Yes, you possibly can reduce a jade plant trunk so long as there are nonetheless branches and leaves on it once you’re performed.

What ought to I do with jade clippings

What you do together with your jade clippings is as much as you. Of course you possibly can toss them into the yard waste or compost bin. But as an alternative, why not strive propagating them. It’s simple to do, and also you’ll find yourself with tons of latest infants.

Pruning a jade plant is one of the best ways to regulate the form and measurement, forestall it from getting leggy and overgrown, and hold it wholesome and delightful for many years to come back.


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More About Pruning Plants

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How To Prune Jade Plants & Fix A Leggy One

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