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We understand that using a foot of snow on the floor, it’s difficult to consider spring and blooming wildflowers. But spring will be here shortly, and if you’d like a rain garden which will beautify your lawn and clean up stormwater, then now’s the opportunity to register for a completely free rain garden workshop with Northfield Community Education.

“Rain gardens have multiple benefits for our communities,” stated Northfield Water Quality Technician Cole Johnson. “They slow down and capture stormwater before it can run into the street. They remove fertilizers and other impurities from stormwater, and they allow more rain water to soak into the soil, which is good for homeowners and good for our rivers and lakes.”

The workshop occurs on from 6-9 p.m., Thursday, March 18 in Northfield High School. Participants will want to wear fabric face coverings. The classroom allows for social bookmarking.

Join Cannon River Watershed Partnership (CRWP) and City of Northfield personnel to find out about the benefits of rain gardens, and also the best way to plan and put in your own rain garden. You’ll discover where to set a rain garden, the way to select the ideal plants, and also what county and city cost-share programs exist to assist you cover the rain garden. Please bring your questions, your thoughts, a map or photograph of your house, and your own face masks for this in-house group.

Register online at Or see the Northfield Community Education site and seek out “rain garden.”

Kevin Strauss is the Community Engagement Coordinator for Cannon River Watershed Partnership.

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