How To Make Holiday Cards with Pressed Flowers


Interested in figuring out how to make pressed flowers?

Get the entire family involved with holiday cards this season! While posing for a family photograph does have a certain caché, which makes your very own personal botanical greeting cards with pressed flowers is an enjoyable way to spend time together this year, without the play of fitting sweaters. (You can always include a photograph if you’d like!)

If you reside in a place where items remain green, go on a walk with the entire team and source stuff from your garden or local park (just make sure you’re allowed to take it). If you’re someplace with no much in the way of plant life, consider picking up a couple stalks from the regional florist, or snipping a few springs out of the indoor herb garden. (We like using rosemary, as it not only seems appropriately icicle-like, in addition, it smells seasonal and amazing.)

We utilized the Armhino Herb Press to make the stuff for our cards and utilized conventional snowflake shapes as inspiration for our routines.


Andreana Bitsis


  • herb press
  • blossoms or leaves, ideally foraged out of a park or garden
  • card stock (we adore with seed paper as a biodegradable choice!)
  • paste


  • Leave the blossoms and leaves from the media for at least 24 hours.
  • Using adhesive, decorate the seed or cards paper.
  • Infuse with love and spread holiday cheer!

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