GROWMARK pollinator garden app enters 6th year –


IARN — The GROWMARK System is once more offering a program which helps 4-H along with other Ag clubs do their part to maintain and boost honey bee populations.

GROWMARK’s pollinator garden app is entering is year, states Karen Jones – GROWMARK’s childhood and youthful manufacturer specialist. Honey bees and other pollinators play an significant part in the agricultural ecosystem. These same pollinators are under pressure from a range of variables: insects, disease, lack of habitat, and much more. The pollinator garden app assists provide more habitat for bees and other valuable pollinator species. Jones claims that the program is available to 4-H and Ag nightclubs in four Midwestern states.

“Right now, we’re offering this program in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Missouri,” Jones said. “That’s mostly because of the seeds that we have available. To us, it grows best in those states. We’re targeting 4-H, FFA and Ag in the classroom groups, but I’m also open to other community groups like a Scouts or something like that if there is another youth group that is interested.”

As section of this program, organizations are requested to find a public location and protected consent to plant a pollinator garden before completing an application. This can be at a park, near a college, and also a well-traveled street, in the county fairgrounds, or some other visible site. GROWMARK will offer enough seed to plant approximately a 700 square foot place, in addition to instructional signage to be put round the backyard.

Jones is excited with this year’s cycle, also claims that the program has gone well in previous decades.

“I ask for pictures and I always get some really pretty pictures of flowers blooming and some nice shots of these young people tilling, weeding, watering and all of the stuff that goes along with it,” she explained. “We just think it’s a nice way to bring attention to pollinators and to promote pollinator habitat, and then also give these youth groups the opportunity to do something for their community that benefits in more than one way.”

Clubs wanting to take part should fill out the online application by March 12. Questions could be led to Jones by phoning 309-557-6184, or send an email to [email protected]

Story courtesy of this Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network

Photo courtesy of GROWMARK

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