Growing Summer Squash: Complete How To Guide


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Growing summer season squash is so easy, and it’s a staple in lots of residence gardens. In this publish, I’ll present you all the pieces you want to know in an effort to achieve success, and have your finest crop ever.

How To Grow Summer Squash At Home

The extremely prolific and easy-to-grow summer season squash makes it an excellent vegetable for novices to check out. But understanding how one can maintain it is a crucial first step.

This full information supplies all the important thing data {that a} residence gardener wants for efficiently rising summer season squash.

It contains all you want to know, together with when and the place to plant, in addition to water, solar, water, soil and fertilizer necessities, and a lot extra.

Information About Summer Squash

Summer squash is a member of the Cucurbit household, and is thought for its tender, edible pores and skin and flesh. It’s an annual plant that’s believed to have originated in Mexico and Central America.

It additionally occur to be one of many best greens to develop. One or two vegetation are sometimes productive sufficient to give you an abundance of meals to take pleasure in and share.

Summer squash is a basic time period that covers a variety of tender fruits that develop in numerous shapes and colours, and there are many choices to select from.

All of them function massive, arrowhead formed foliage and inexperienced stems, and might mature to be a number of ft broad and tall.

Different Types Of Summer Squash

Among the wide selection of summer season squash varieties on the market nowadays, you could find both vining and bush (non-climbing) sorts to develop.

Even inside every of those sorts, there are a lot of varieties you’ll be able to check out in your backyard. Thankfully, all of them could be cared for in the identical approach.

  • Zucchini – The hottest and well-known of all, the fruits are sometimes darkish inexperienced, however may also be yellow or cream coloured. Try Dark Star, Black Beauty, Green Machine, or Max’s Gold.
  • Crookneck – Bulbous ends taper into skinny, curved necks on this one. Look for varieties like Yellow Crookneck, Delta, or Tempest.
  • Straightneck – These additionally function a bulbous finish, however the slender finish is straight. Try the Saffron, Super Pick, Yellow Straightneck, or Zephyr varieties.
  • Patty Pan – The scalloped-edged spherical fruits on this one are a lot smaller than the opposite sorts. Check out Sunburst, Yellow Scallop, or Lemon Sun for 2 fashionable varieties.
  • Ball Squash – Instead of elongated, these sorts kind a spherical ball. Look for Eight Ball, One Ball, or Lucky 8 varieties to offer them a strive.
Yellow summer squash growing in my garden
Yellow summer season squash rising in my backyard


All varieties of summer season squash are annual vegetation that want average temperatures, and might endure if it will get too scorching or chilly.

Extreme temps can cease flowering and fruiting, whereas frost and chilly climate will ultimately kill the plant.

How Does Summer Squash Grow?

It takes each female and male flowers in your summer season squash to develop. Male flowers seem first and produce the pollen wanted to fertilize the fruit-bearing feminine blooms.

Once pollinated, the newborn fruit on the base of the feminine flower will start to get bigger because it matures.

Baby summer squash on immature female flower
Baby summer season squash on immature feminine flower

How To Grow Summer Squash

Timing and placement are each a key components in how profitable you could be with rising summer season squash. Let’s discuss each so you will get it good proper from the beginning.

Where To Grow Summer Squash

The best spot for rising summer season squash is an space that will get full solar, has loads of house, and well-drained soil.

The vegetation can get very massive, and do nice in raised beds or backyard plots. Containers may go, particularly for bush varieties, however provided that they’re very massive – 24” or extra.

Healthy summer squash plant growing in the garden

When To Plant Summer Squash

Wait till all threat of frost has handed to plant your summer season squash within the spring or early summer season.

It’s finest to attend till the air temperature stays persistently above 60°F, and the bottom is a heat 70°F. You can use a soil thermometer to examine.

It is just not useful to plant them earlier, because the chilly will stunt their progress, and a late frost might kill them.

Summer Squash Care & Growing Instructions

Now that when and the place to develop summer season squash, we will chat about how one can give them the right care. Creating an excellent setting is one of the best ways to have productive vegetation.


Summer squash vegetation develop finest in full solar. They’ll produce probably the most when given 6-8 hours of direct publicity every single day.

In excessive warmth, the solar could be damaging to the plant, however a couple of scorched leaves are often nothing that they will’t recuperate from.

Protect them with a shade cloth within the hottest a part of afternoon, and water extra steadily when you’re anticipating an prolonged warmth wave.


The bigger they develop, the extra thirsty summer season squash vegetation turn into. They want constant, even, deep watering to maintain the soil moist, however not soggy.

You’ll wish to water till the bottom feels damp 4” down, and repeat when it begins to dry out. Use a moisture gauge that can assist you get it proper.

Mulching may also be very useful in stopping evaporation, particularly in scorching climate.


The best vary for rising summer season squash is between 65-85°F, although they will tolerate larger temperatures pretty effectively.

In excessive warmth, they could gradual or halt fruit manufacturing, or expertise wilting and blossom drop.

In dry arid climates, present them with afternoon shade, use a shade cloth to maintain them cool throughout the hottest a part of the day.

Cold climate, particularly when it drops down into the 40’s, will cease progress and flower formation, and a tough frost will kill the plant.


Since summer season squash vegetation are heavy producers, it additionally means they’re heavy feeders. So commonly fertilizing them is essential in an effort to most yield.

Choose an natural fertilizer with the next phosphorus content material to encourage extra flowering and fruit manufacturing.

Work slow-release granules, manure, compost, or worm castings into the soil at planting time, then side-dress them month-to-month.

Liquid choices like fish emulsion or compost tea are additionally nice, and could be utilized as much as as soon as per week. I all the time advocate avoiding any chemical choices, particularly on meals crops.

Different summer squash growing stages
Different summer season squash rising levels


Starting your summer season squash in a well-drained, fertile soil is crucial for the well being and vigor of the plant. Amend poor high quality soil with compost, manure, or worm castings.

They additionally want it to be impartial to barely acidic. So intention for a pH between 6-6.5 in your probe tool. You can neutralize larger acidity with garden lime.


Some varieties of summer season squash are climbing vegetation with lengthy vines that may require further assist as they develop.

Check your seed packet or plant tag to seek out out if yours are vining and want assist (bush sorts don’t). It’s simple to learn to trellis them in an effort to preserve them tidy and wholesome all through the season.


It could also be tempting to take away a few of the leaves and stems as your summer season squash vegetation get massive, particularly in the event that they appear to be taking on your backyard.

While it’s okay to often take away a broken or diseased leaf, trim them with warning.

Not solely will over-pruning scale back manufacturing, however it will probably expose growing fruits to the weather and trigger injury, corresponding to solar scorch.

Pest Control Tips

There are sadly many bugs that love summer season squash vegetation. Pests like spider mites, beetles, and aphids typically assault them.

Most bugs are simply managed with hand choosing, diatomaceous earth, neem oil, or insecticidal soap (mix 1 teaspoon of mild liquid soap with 1 liter of water to make your individual).

But there are two extra regarding bugs that may do numerous injury to your vines and fruits, and even kill the vegetation: squash bugs and vine borers.

I like to recommend you learn my articles on eliminating squash bugs and eliminating vine borers so that you’re ready for the indicators of their presence, and know how one can cease them from ruing your crops.

Disease Control Tips

Summer squash are prone to a variety of typical soil borne illnesses, like mosaic virus and blight, and also can expertise downy or powdery mildew in damp situations.

The finest method to handle illness is to water from the bottom, as a substitute of overhead. Keeping splashing water and soil off of the leaves can forestall an infection.

If you see broken leaves, trim them away to attempt to management it, and use an organic fungicide to gradual it down. If that doesn’t work, pull and destroy the plant to maintain it from spreading by way of your backyard.

Zucchini summer squash ready to harvest
Zucchini summer season squash prepared to reap

Tips For Harvesting Summer Squash

Summer squash fruits develop and mature in a short time, in as little as per week after pollination. Once you start to see fruit, examine again every single day.

While the perfect dimension might rely in your selection, typically they’re higher when picked small and tender. Large ones, whereas edible, are likely to get seedy, watery, and fewer flavorful with time.

You can take a look at all the small print about how one can correctly take away them from the vine and extra in my detailed harvesting information.

Freshly picked summer squash
Freshly picked summer season squash

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Growing summer season squash is nice for novices, however that doesn’t imply they’re all the time drawback free. If you run into certainly one of these widespread points, my ideas may also help get you again on monitor.

White Spots On Leaves

There are two the reason why white spots can seem on the leaves. One, is that you’ve a spread with pure variegation. If the leaves seem in good well being, don’t fear!

However it may be powdery mildew. In that case, it will probably typically be wiped away with a rub of your finger, which gives you a optimistic ID.

Water within the mornings so moisture doesn’t sit on the leaves in a single day, keep away from crowding the plant, and apply a natural fungicide to get it underneath management.

White powdery mildew spots on summer squash leaves
White powdery mildew spots on summer season squash leaves

Leaves Turning Yellow

Yellowing leaves is an indication of stress. It can occur when temperatures are both extraordinarily excessive or low, the plant is underneath or over watered, or experiencing a problem like pests or illness.

Keep the soil evenly moist, however keep away from making it a muddy puddle to stop issues like rot. You might must water extra steadily throughout a warmth wave.

Check for any brown, comfortable, or squishy stems as an indication of rot or vine borers, and look underneath the leaves for squash bugs.

Flowers But No Fruit

The commonest explanation for plentiful flowers with out fruit on summer season squash vegetation is just an absence of pollination.

You can take steps to draw extra pollinators to your yard to assist out. But within the meantime, learn to pollinate the flowers by hand to rapidly get your plant producing extra.

FAQs About Growing Summer Squash

Here I’ve answered a few of the mostly requested questions on rising summer season squash. If yours isn’t on the listing, please ask it within the feedback part under.

Is summer season squash simple to develop?

Yes, summer season squash is simple to develop. It is low upkeep and productive as soon as you know the way to create the perfect setting. Provide constant water, fertilizer, loads of solar, and be careful for harmful pests.

How lengthy does summer season squash take to develop?

How lengthy a summer season squash plant takes to develop will rely upon the range, however they common round 60 days from seed to reap.

Does summer season squash want full solar?

Yes, summer season squash wants full solar for optimum flower and fruit manufacturing, ideally it ought to get 6-8 hours of full publicity a day.

How lengthy will summer season squash preserve producing?

Summer squash will preserve producing so long as the climate permits them too. Often they die off after the primary frost of fall.

Does summer season squash want a trellis?

Some, however not all, summer season squash vegetation want a trellis. Check the seed packet or plant tag to be taught if yours is a vining climber, which is the sort that may want one, or a bush selection, which received’t want one. However, even vining ones don’t require a trellis, they will develop simply nice alongside the bottom.

Does summer season squash want numerous water?

Yes, summer season squash wants numerous water in an effort to set and produce fruit. Exactly how a lot depends upon its dimension. In basic, they require a number of inches of water per week, whether or not by rain or irrigation, and that may improve when it’s hotter than 85°F.

The ideas shared on this information are all the pieces a newbie must really feel assured rising summer season squash of their backyard. Once you give it a strive, you’ll rapidly see how plentiful and simple they’re to look after.

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How To Grow Summer Squash Complete Care Guide

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