Growing Eggplant: The Complete How To Guide


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Growing scrumptious and exquisite eggplant in your house backyard is simpler than chances are you’ll suppose. In this put up, I’ll present you all it’s essential to know in an effort to have your finest crop ever.

How To Grow Eggplant At Home

Even the most recent newbie can develop eggplant efficiently by studying easy methods to present the fitting atmosphere and care to maintain them thriving.

In this entire information, I’ve shared all the data it’s essential to efficiently develop eggplant.

Including solar, water, fertilizer, and what soil they want, plus easy methods to take care of pests, illnesses, and a lot extra.

Quick Eggplant Care Overview

Scientific title: Solanum melongena
Classification: Vegetable
Hardiness: Zones 10+
Temperature: 70-85°F
Light: Full solar
Water: Keep evenly moist
Fertilizer: High phosphorus fertilizer
Soil: Rich, fertile, well-draining
Common pests: Potato beetles, hornworms, whiteflies

Information About Eggplant

Eggplant (Solanum melongena) is a member of the Solanaceae, or nightshade, household, which additionally contains tomatoes and peppers. In some components of the world they’re often known as aubergines.

They’re native to India and Asia, however at the moment are cultivated everywhere in the world for his or her scrumptious, spongy, edible fruit. They’re tender perennials in tropical climates, however most are grown as annuals.

The tall, flowering, bush sort crops can attain 4’ in peak, and develop fruits that vary in coloration, dimension, and taste.

Different Types Of Eggplant

There are many, many eggplant varieties on the market to attempt. They will be the acquainted giant pear form, lengthy and thin, brief and spherical, and even ridged.

The coloration of the fruits can vary too. There are inexperienced, white, varied shades of purple, and variegated ones that characteristic white striping. Depending on the sort, the flavour could also be candy to considerably bitter.

There’s no mistaken or proper selection to decide on, so choose them primarily based on the way you prefer to cook dinner them, and what’s going to carry out finest in your rising zone.

Check out standard varieties like Black Beauty, Galine, Early Midnight, White Star Hybrid, Rosa Bianca, Green Knight, or Long Purple to get began.

Mature eggplant ready to harvest
Mature eggplant prepared to reap


Eggplants develop properly as annuals in any local weather, and are perennials in solely the warmest zone of 10-12.

They’re a sizzling climate plant that thrives in heat environments with loads of solar, and can undergo when temperatures drop beneath 50°F.

How Do Eggplants Grow?

The edible eggplants develop from self-pollinating, purple flowers that sprout from the leafy stems.

Bees, butterflies, wind, and even your finger brushing across the flowers is sufficient to pollinate them.

Once fertilized, the flowers will start to develop child fruits that swell in dimension and deepen in coloration as they mature.

Baby eggplant forming after pollination
Baby eggplant forming after pollination

How To Grow Eggplant

Before we get into easy methods to take care of them, first we should always talk about one of the best time and placement to develop eggplant. Choosing the fitting spot could make an enormous distinction in your general success.

Where To Grow Eggplant

Eggplants develop finest in fertile soil with loads of solar, and heat temperatures. They can carry out equally properly in backyard beds or containers.

When selecting a pot, make sure that it’s giant sufficient to assist the foundation system, and that it has drainage holes on the underside. Aim for a 12” dimension or bigger.

The crops can even want a assist system to assist them keep upright because the heavy fruits set. Place stakes or a wire cage when planting.

When To Plant Eggplant

Eggplants want warmth and solar to develop their finest, so it’s not helpful to plant them outdoors early.

Wait till all probability of frost has handed, nighttime temperatures are constantly above 50°F, and the bottom has warmed as much as keep away from stunting their progress.

Aim for a temperature of at the least 65°F in your soil thermometer earlier than planting it.

Different eggplant growing stages
Different eggplant rising levels

Eggplant Care & Growing Instructions

Now that you understand when and the place to develop eggplant, let’s speak intimately about easy methods to give them the right care. It’s vital to create an excellent atmosphere in an effort to have extremely productive crops.


Eggplant wants full solar to develop, ideally between 6-8 hours of direct gentle each day. They received’t produce as properly, or in any respect, within the shade.

If you don’t have a sunny backyard plot, then it’s finest to maintain them in containers so you possibly can place them in an space the place they are going to get pleasure from full publicity.

Small eggplants just starting to grow
Small eggplants simply beginning to develop


Consistent, even watering is essential to wholesome fruit improvement, however they don’t like soggy ft.

Give them a drink when the soil is dry 1-2” down, and examine often to verify they keep evenly moist.

Don’t puddle it with extra water nevertheless, as that may result in rot. A moisture gauge will help you get it good.

In sizzling climate, they’ll want extra frequent drinks, so examine them usually throughout warmth waves. Mulching may assist them retain moisture.


The perfect temperature vary for eggplant is 70-85°F. They can set flowers and fruit right down to 60°F, however they are going to mature a lot slower in cooler temps.

Anything beneath 50°F will result in blossom and fruit drop, and trigger injury to the plant.

When temps sore above 95°F, it could actually additionally have an effect on fruiting. Use a shade cloth within the afternoon throughout warmth waves to guard them and assist mediate that.


Routine feedings is a vital a part of eggplant care, and can assist result in extremely productive, thriving crops.

Every two weeks you possibly can apply an natural water soluble possibility like fish emulsion or compost tea. Then add slow release-granules as soon as a month as properly.

Avoid fertilizers which can be excessive in nitrogen, or chances are you’ll find yourself with an excessive amount of foliage and no flowers.

Beautiful eggplant flower fully open
Beautiful eggplant flower absolutely open


Eggplants develop finest in well-drained, fertile soil with a pH starting from 5.5 to 7.0. Use an inexpensive probe to check it.

Amend your beds with compost so as to add extra natural materials and assist with drainage, and use garden lime to neutralize acidity, if needed.


Pruning will help create a leafy cover early on that protects the creating eggplants from sunburn. Use precision shears to trim away any suckers and the primary set of flowers.

As the summer season continues, take away illnesses or broken leaves, particularly close to the bottom, to enhance airflow for any creating fruit.

At the tip of the season, you possibly can high the plant and take away all the flowers to pressure it to give attention to ripening any remaining fruit earlier than the chilly units in.

Pest Control Tips

There are quite a lot of pests that may have an effect on rising eggplant, akin to flea beetles, potato beetles, hornworms, military worms, and whiteflies.

Handpicking giant bugs and trimming away closely infested foliage or leaves with eggs can decelerate them down.

Applying natural management choices like diatomaceous earth, neem oil, or insecticidal soap may assist. I make my very own by combining 1 teaspoon of mild liquid soap with 1 liter of water.

You may attempt row covers early within the spring and summer season, and mulching to maintain bugs at bay.

Disease Control Tips

Fungal and bacterial illnesses like blight, verticillium wilt, anthracnose, and powdery mildew may also be an issue.

The finest strategies for stopping illness are utilizing mulch, and watering close to the bottom of the plant as a substitute of overhead. This will stop splashing water and soil on the foliage.

If you see any indicators of illness, like yellow, brown, or white spots, trim away contaminated foliage, and take a look at treating it with an organic fungicide.

If it continues to unfold, pull and destroy the plant to verify it doesn’t have an effect on the remainder of your backyard.

Tips For Harvesting Eggplant

Eggplant is finest picked when it’s younger and tender, which additionally encourages it to develop extra fruit.

The specific dimension, form, and coloration of mature fruit will differ by selection, so examine the plant tag or seed packet to study your specific sort.

When you’re prepared to reap, use a pointy pair of pruners to snip the fruit, making your reduce 1-2” up on the stem. Avoid pulling or tugging it off, which may injury the fragile stems and the plant.

Freshly picked eggplant from my garden
Freshly picked eggplant from my backyard

Troubleshooting Common Problems

While studying easy methods to develop eggplant, chances are you’ll face one among these frequent points. Use the guidelines beneath to troubleshoot and get your plant again into good well being.

Eggplant Leaves Curling

If the leaves are beginning to curl below themselves, it’s an indication of pests, illness, or inconsistent watering.

Make positive they’re receiving even moisture. They shouldn’t dry out greater than an inch or two down, or sit in soggy, moist soil.

If the leaves are additionally riddled with holes or spots, chances are you’ll be coping with bugs or wilt illness. Trim away affected foliage, and examine intently for bugs.

Bottoms Of Fruits Rotting / Blossom End Rot

If the ends of the fruits are rotting whereas nonetheless on the vine, you’re coping with blossom finish rot, which is attributable to a scarcity of calcium uptake. This could be a results of over fertilizing, or inconsistent watering.

Avoid letting the eggplant go between very dry intervals to very moist intervals. Instead goal for constant, even moisture.

Also keep away from utilizing nitrogen-heavy fertilizers, and add calcium dietary supplements like eggshells or bone meal if wanted. Affected fruit can’t be saved, sadly.

Yellow Leaves

Yellowing leaves is often an indication of pest infestation, overwatering, or a nutrient deficiency. Inspect them intently, and apply an insecticidal spray to focus on bugs if needed.

Applying an organic fertilizer all through the season is the easiest way to fight a nutrient deficiency.

Yellow leaves on an eggplant
Yellow leaves on an eggplant

FAQs About Growing Eggplant

Here I’ve answered among the mostly requested questions on rising eggplant. If yours isn’t on the checklist, please add it to the feedback part beneath.

Is eggplant simple to develop?

Eggplant will be simple to develop when you perceive easy methods to give it the care it wants. Plenty of solar, fertile soil, constant moisture, and heat temperatures are all key elements to a cheerful plant.

How lengthy does it take for eggplants to develop?

How lengthy it takes for eggplants to develop will differ relying on the actual selection you could have. The maturity dates can vary extensively, nevertheless it’s usually between 85-120 days from seed to reap.

How many eggplants do you get from one plant?

It’s laborious to offer a set quantity on what number of eggplants you’ll get from one plant, as a result of it may be affected by the rising atmosphere, local weather, and selection. They’ll proceed to provide as long as they get loads of water, solar, and temperatures between 60-85°F.

How lengthy do eggplant crops stay?

Eggplant crops can stay as much as three years in very heat climates, like zones 10-12. But in most areas they’re grown as annuals, and solely stay for one season.

Do eggplants want a variety of solar?

Yes, eggplants want a variety of solar. They are a warmth loving plant that can thrive and produce finest when given 6-8 hours of direct publicity every day.

What month do you plant eggplant?

The proper month to plant eggplant will rely in your area’s local weather. Wait till all probability of frost has handed and temperatures are constantly above 60°F.

Now that you just perceive what eggplants must thrive, you will be profitable rising any selection in your house backyard. Use these care tricks to encourage wholesome, productive crops all season lengthy.

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How To Grow Eggplant Complete Care Guide

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