Garlic Companion Plants: Good Allium Neighbors


Garlic is a really epic plant that can be utilized in numerous methods. Not solely does it have a scrumptious fragrant taste that may season practically any dish, however it additionally makes a superb companion for many crops within the backyard. Garlic is a pure anti-fungal and might repel pests with its sturdy scent, and there’s a number of garlic companion crops that actually profit from companion planting garlic close by! 

Garlic is a strong companion plant due to its sturdy scent and pure pest repellent properties. Its scent can drive numerous pests away out of your invaluable crops, however it can be used to draw helpful bugs for pollination. When gardening in a small area, garlic can have a huge effect when interplanted intently with different fruit and veggies. 

There are just a few crops, like beans, {that a} garlic bulb may not develop nicely with. It really is a superb option to companion plant among the many crops in your backyard. Let’s be taught extra about the perfect garlic companion crops that may work in your backyard!

What Is Companion Planting?

Many crops are good garlic companion crops. Source: karenandbrademerson

Companion planting is a well-liked manner of arranging crops within the backyard, significantly in smaller-scale and residential gardens, the place area is proscribed, and each plant counts. Companion planting can assist maximize area and enhance the standard of crops you’re rising. Some mixtures of crops may even assist enhance the flavour of their neighbors!

One of the numerous the reason why companion planting stays in style in gardening is its skill to repel predatory bugs. Some crops have a robust aroma or are pure repellents for bugs that prefer to eat greens. Other crops secrete oils within the soil that repel pests like nematodes. Another advantage of companion planting is to assist appeal to helpful bugs to pollinate your backyard. By utilizing companion planting to draw helpful bugs to your backyard, you’ll be able to get pleasure from the advantages of elevated pollination and larger biodiversity. 

Additionally, companion planting is helpful when planning the usage of your backyard area as a result of it will possibly assist maximize restricted bodily area. Some companion crops might be grown as groundcovers, occupying the area immediately at soil degree, and offering the extra advantage of shading the soil and inhibiting weeds from germinating. Other crops can develop tall and shade heat-sensitive crops beneath them. Finally, if you’re planting a slower-growing selection, companion crops can assist mark the placement of the place the gradual to germinate seeds are planted so that you simply don’t by chance overplant your backyard!

Next, let’s discuss the advantages of utilizing garlic as a companion plant, and what crops develop with it!

Good Garlic Companion Plants

Happy garlic
Garlic is glad round every little thing however legumes. Source: mrvklaw

One of the perfect makes use of of garlic is as companions with fruit timber. Garlic has antifungal properties that may defend fruit timber from a wide range of ailments, together with apple scab in apple timber, and leaf curl in peach timber. This is a simple and natural method to develop garlic and defend your invaluable fruit timber. Garlic may also repel aphids, mites, fungus gnats, cabbage loopers, ants, snails, onion flies, codling moths, and Japanese beetles. Talk a few powerhouse! The scent of garlic is so sturdy it will possibly hold rabbits and deer away. 

If you wish to plant your garlic with herbs, strive chamomile. Chamomile can assist enhance the flavour of garlic.  Another herb that pairs nicely with garlic is rue. Rue is a strongly scented herb recognized to maintain flies and maggots away, so it will possibly assist stop maggots from attacking your crops. Yarrow and summer time savory will enhance the well being and manufacturing of garlic. Garlic repels spider mites, which makes it a fantastic mixture with dill. Tarragon is one other nice companion plant as a result of it will increase the expansion of garlic.  

Garlic is without doubt one of the finest companion crops for flowers as a result of it’s a pure pest repellent. For instance, rose pests hate the scent of garlic! Insects like aphids, ants, mites, snails, and even blackspot fungi will keep away from the sturdy scent of garlic. Garlic may also deter pests away from geraniums. Garlic and marigolds are each recognized to repel many pests, to allow them to make a strong mixture alongside the sting of your backyard to repel pests with the scent and appeal to helpful pollinators. One advantage of planting garlic with nasturtiums is that nasturtiums can shade out weeds within the mattress, and make use of in any other case wasted area across the soil floor. Nasturtiums additionally produce an edible flower that may be eaten or left on the plant to distract pests as a “trap crop”.

Garlic and leafy greens develop nicely collectively as a result of they occupy completely different areas in your backyard mattress. The garlic bulb will type under the soil floor, whereas their inexperienced scapes develop tall and slim. Leafy greens have shallow roots and develop close to the soil floor, occupying area that will in any other case be left empty. For instance, arugula and lettuce are low-growing leafy greens that pair nicely with garlic. Be positive to decide on a smaller number of lettuce that gained’t block the daylight from reaching your pant. Lettuce additionally won’t compete with garlic for a similar vitamins within the soil. 

Spinach is an effective companion plant for garlic as a result of they’re each chilly hardy, and can develop collectively via the winter till spinach is killed by colder temperatures. Similar to nasturtiums, spinach can type a floor cowl round your garlic and hold weeds from taking on.

Garlic is a superb companion plant for the Brassica household as a result of it repels a lot of their widespread pests, together with cabbage loopers, cabbage worms, cabbage maggots, and Japanese beetles. In specific, garlic and cabbage are glorious companions as a result of not solely can the scent of garlic defend the fragile cabbage crops from pest assaults, however it could additionally deter grazing animals from making a snack out of your harvest. Garlic is thought to discourage animals that chew on crops akin to deer, rabbits, squirrels, and moose. It may also enhance the flavour of broccoli when planted close by. If you battle with pests attacking brassica crops like kale, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, collards, or cauliflower within the backyard, strive interplanting garlic or including it as a border round your backyard beds to discourage pests from attacking.

Garlic grows nicely with carrots because it confuses carrot flies and can assist defend them from infestation. It can assist defend carrots from root maggots with the oils it secretes, and this profit additionally extends to celery crops, that are in the identical household as carrots. Garlic may also act as an efficient fungicide in opposition to late potato blight, defending your potato crop. By rising the bulbs close to your potatoes, you’ll be able to attempt to stop this an infection from taking maintain.

Beets and garlic are each root crops, however they develop at completely different depths within the soil, making them good companions. They don’t like the identical vitamins, and garlic can defend beets from fungal an infection. Another root crop used for companion planting with garlic is parsnips. Parsnips are susceptible to root maggots, so the antifungal properties of garlic might be extremely useful to them.

Garlic is a superb companion for tomatoes as a result of it deters spider mites and different pests that may assault tomatoes, and can be stated to enhance the flavour of tomatoes. Hot and gentle peppers may even get pleasure from the identical advantages as tomatoes when companion planted with garlic. Although peppers and garlic develop at completely different instances of the 12 months, younger pepper crops might be higher protected by planting them close by earlier than garlic is planted in early spring. Another member of the Solanaceae household, eggplant, additionally grows nicely with garlic as a result of it helps defend the susceptible eggplant fruits from assault by pests.

Whether you must plant strawberries with garlic continues to be debated fiercely amongst gardeners. Some gardeners say that it could inhibit the expansion of strawberries. On the opposite hand, garlic is confirmed to discourage spider mites, which like to feast on strawberries. We will go away this pairing selection as much as you! Next, we’ll discuss some crops you positively shouldn’t plant with garlic.

What Not To Plant With Garlic

Garlic scapes
Not solely do you get cloves, however you get garlic scapes too. Source: KaseyEriksen

One of the few downsides to rising garlic within the backyard is that it’s going to construct up sulfur within the soil, which might inhibit the expansion of sure crops. Garlic will stunt the expansion of beans, peas, and most legumes, and must be planted additional away to stop diminished development. Much like beans, the herbs parsley and sage may not do the perfect close to garlic. Although not confirmed in scientific research, gardeners typically report that it could stunt the expansion of parsley and sage when planted close by. 

You ought to keep away from rising garlic close to asparagus as a result of garlic is a member of the allium household, which might inhibit the expansion of asparagus. There’s a scientific cause for this– asparagus takes a number of years to type spears. Garlic can construct up sulfurs and different compounds within the soil the place it’s rising. If you plant these crops collectively, the garlic will enhance the sulfur within the soil, whereas depleting the precise vitamins that asparagus wants to provide spears. This explains why when they’re grown collectively, asparagus won’t have the vitamins it wants within the soil and can develop smaller roots and produce fewer spears. 

Finally, keep away from planting garlic close to massive sections of your backyard with solely members of the allium household like onions, chives, leeks, and shallots. This will give any pests that feed on them the chance to assault all the crops without delay. By inter-planting your garlic amongst beds and close to a wide range of greens, you don’t run the chance of getting one pest destroy your complete crop in a single go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where ought to I plant garlic in my backyard?

A: Everywhere! Garlic has antifungal properties, repels an unbelievable variety of pests (together with rabbits and deer), and compliments virtually any plant within the backyard. 

Q: Will garlic develop in shade?

A: Probably not– Garlic thrives in full solar! It is feasible to develop it within the shade, however the bulbs will likely be smaller.

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