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(WFRV) – If you have plans to plant a garden, you may wish to look for seeds sooner than normal.
Many popular businesses are experiencing shortages.

“There is not a seed shortage, actually it was a good seed year. What there is, is a really hard time trying to keep up with the number of orders ” describes Renee Shepherd, proprietor Renee’s Garden.

The firm provides seed packets into garden centers, nurseries, and customers through direct internet sales.

Avid anglers state the yearly seed catalogue release is similar to another Christmas, but this season they discovered that a lump of coal.

According into Shepherd “We are temporarily out of stock of a lot of varieties, we are hoping to catch up in time for the growing season”.

People gardened globally in record numbers this past year, causing deficits in vegetable seeds and developing a high need for landscape plants and blossoms.

“More people are gardening that is the good news” she states. “They want to grow their own veggies, do it with their kids and more people are cooking so they want to grow their own Thai chilies or cilantro”.

Seed packet firms attempted to predict whether the trend would continue to blossom this season but didn’t aim high enough. “We have used up our supply and we are trying to quickly trying to fill up more” Shepherd describes.

She’s been at the seed sector since the 1980s rather than found a surge quite similar to this. “We are selling 200-300% more than we usually do. It is not a little increase” she states.

Renee’s Garden added another change, to package seeds quickly and maintain a covid safe space between employees.

She highlights “It is not a shortage of seed, it is a shortage of the ability to respond to an unexpected surge of orders”.

Renee’s best advice would be to check in with businesses regularly to find availability and purchase just what you want.

“If you have always relied on buying a particular variety, try something new. On our site you can rely on everything being carefully tested no varieties you won’t like” she states with pride.

While it’s causing a few headaches today, the industry is expecting the spike of pandemic gardeners requires origin.

“I think having these skills that make you feel self-sufficient are kind of fun” Shepherd says.

If you have seeds left from this past year, examine germination by placing 10 seeds onto a moist paper towelroll the towel, enclose them into a plastic bag, and set in a warm, 75-degree site.

Check the seeds to 14 times and decide the germination percent to be certain the seeds are possible and value planting. Generally, bigger seeds have a shorter shelf life than seeds.

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