Fort Worth Botanic Garden postpones ‘Valentine’s from the backyard’ occasion


Inside the conservatory in the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. Tables for dining will be put over the walkway six feet aside to follow. (Caroline Fisher/Reporter)

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden isn’t just containing flowers this Valentine’s Day weekend; it’s also serving up dinner for $150 a few. 

Located on South University Drive, the backyard is working out a four-course “chef’s selected menu” in its own conservatory and also the lecture hyperlink area within the primary building. 

Originally this dates of the Valentine’s dinner occasion were place for Valentines weekend. Due into the weather prediction for numerous inches of snow on Sunday and Monday, the gardens chose to postpone the case. They will be hosting on Feb. 19 and 20.

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Erik Sjolander, the owner of the catering company, stated they’re “planning on taking reservations till the day of.”

The conservatory, or rainwater, is full of trees and flowing water. While North Texas is shivering in the icy blast of chilly, the conservatory is obviously kept at 72 degrees.

Sjolander stated the outside option needed to be set off due to the cold and both places are distanced.

Sjolander was likely to hold events this past year, but what was set to a stop because of COVID-19. 

“We are ready to hit the ground running,” he explained.

He stated organizers are aware of keeping conditions from the conservatory. 

“The biggest concern is the integrity of the environment of the conservatory, it is kept at 72 degrees year-round and with us opening doors there has to be a certain operation that the garden wants us to maintain,” Sjolander said. “We must protect the environment while we are using it for this event.” 

Sjolander along with his staff are extremely enthusiastic and wish to program more events like this later on.

For more info, or to make a reservation, telephone (817)-366-1100. 

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