Evergreen Bark and Goji Go Glam in Patchology’s Latest Offerings


In the crowded world of beauty and makeup, a few trends have surfaced with dramatic clarity previously half-decade. First, there’s an obsession with natural, botanically inspired ingredients, and secondly, customers also harbor a obsession with oriental skincare – a business of this sector that was fast to adopt the notion of layering products along with also the ever-popular sheet mask.

In an effort to unite those dual obsessions, Patchology, a U.S.-based skincare firm, has emerged as a popular option among millennials, as lots of the brand’s natural ingredients have been sourced from Korea.

Two of Patchology’s goods – the Restoring Night Eye Gels and Lip Service Gloss-to-Balm Treatment— captured our editors’ focus due to their capability to send Eastern-motivated ingredients which could be delivered in the speed of an American lifestyle– that is to say, fast .

In a post written for American Spa, Kristin Vukovic clarifies:

“In April, the company launched a SmartMud No-Mess Mud Masque infused with the detoxifying benefits of volcanic mud, sourced from Jeju, a South Korean island. ‘Our innovation was to put mineral-rich volcanic mud right into a sheet mask, so the mud is easy to apply, comfortable to wear for 10 minutes, and virtually mess-free to remove,’” CEO Chris Hobson advised Vukovic in the moment.

“‘You get all the benefits of mud, but without the mess.’ Last spring, Patchology launched its FlashMasque sheet masks featuring HydraSurge5, which delivers hydration in five minutes versus 15– a perfect adaptation for the impatient American consumer. The innovative mask material virtually disappears when applied to the skin, and the shape and serum levels are customized for the U.S. market.”

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Lip Service is a lip balm and remedy that soothes, conditions, and protects lips’ fragile skin using a physical barrier along with also an antioxidant-rich barrier. Goji fruit extract (lycium barbarum) is a highly effective anti-aging antioxidant that reduces cell degeneration. The gloss has a wonderful glow and refreshing, almost minty tingle (so that you know its functioning ).

The Restoring Night Eye Gels— called “flashpatches”– comprise arnica extract, peptides, retinol, and citrus bark infusion to counteract dark circles and wrinkles– beautifying, synergistic ingredients which we love because they can be worn many distinct ways: beneath the eyes through cosmetics program, over the eyes to counteract upper eyelid puff, over makeup for a mid-day refresh, or perhaps skinny-side-in to goal crows feet especially. (They would be the consummate multitasking therapy which may be worn for long periods, whenever you have enough time, to get a more profound treatment.)

Patchology urges every one of the styles of wear cute, sassy titles: The Dollface; The Scarecrow; The Minotaur, etc.

It’s one of many reasons we enjoy the newest: Patchology is keyed to the fashionable, millennial-friendly branding that’s imperative to secure a subsequent in the organic beauty universe of 2018. The packaging is on stage, as is the branding, but first and foremost, the components are forged from crops which customers already recognize due to their health benefits. What’s not to adore?

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