Diarmuid Gavin on going evergreen along with your planting scheme


Evergreen shrubs typically create the bones of a profitable backyard design. They purr alongside quietly within the background, offering a backdrop to the altering seasons of vibrant bulbs, flowering shrubs, bushes and herbaceous crops. When different crops go into winter hibernation, we begin to discover their position and recognize them a bit extra for his or her presence and the definition and construction they supply all year long, however particularly proper now.

henever I’m planting up a backyard, I be sure to incorporate a great quantity of dependable but in addition stunning evergreen shrubs. My rule of thumb is round one-third of your planting scheme might be evergreen — any extra and it will probably turn into a bit overpowering. Their perform might be various, from creating hedging or parterres to disguising or distracting from eyesores. They might be chosen for superbly scented flowers, vibrant foliage or to introduce texture by leaf shapes. Here are some favourites which I typically use:

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