‘Bee friendly’ backyard moves in at Woodland’s City Hall – Daily Democrat


A small group of volunteers assembled external Woodland’s City Hall to make a pollinator-friendly and water-wise backyard.

The garden situated in the entry to City Hall on First Street is one of a number of projects that has been taking place over the years decrease the city’s reliance on water.

In September 2018an Edible Learning Garden was set in place across the northern side of City Hall confronting Court Street, which currently yields a normal bounty of vegetables to get a few local community groups.

Friday’s event was directed by Rachel Davis of the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden, who revealed planting techniques prior to the six or so individuals started their job.

As portion of this campaign, a sizable “bee-themed” planter was moved to the middle of this heavily-mulched location. That planter will also be full of bee-friendly plants.

And while the majority of the crops are made to be decorative, some are also supposed to be helpful and feature a variety of herbs.

Stephanie Burgos, Woodland’s company engagement and advertising director, has reported that the new garden is in accord with the neighborhood being a Bee City USA affiliate, which it achieved in 2019.

The goal would be to host pollinator consciousness activities and improve pollinator habitats during Woodland.

“Although the pandemic has put the brakes on several of our planned events, we have been able to move forward with several of our pollinator habitat enhancement projects,” Burgos mentioned previously.

“For example, we carried out its first big effort to enhance local pollinator habitats in mid-2020 by creating a pollinator corridor on Main Street, when planting hundreds of pollinator-friendly plants on street corners in Downtown.”

Volunteers gathered in the front of Woodland’s City Hall on Friday to start planting over 150 pollinator and ‘water wise’ plants. The backyard is substituting a yard that was around for decades. JIM SMITH-DAILY DEMOCRAT

Those attempts as well were encouraged from the UC Davis Arboretum, who supplied the plants and made the planting strategy, C&L Smith who given the compost, and Montoy’s Landscaping, who completed the labour.

“We also partnered with a local artist, Kent Smith, who designed a Bee City USA sunflower sign that sits at the entrance of Downtown Woodland,” on the eastern side close East Street.

“In this new phase of our project, we have once again partnered with the UC Davis Arboretum, who has developed a planting plan for City Hall and who will host the socially distanced planting day for community volunteers,” she included

In prep for the planting day, Montoy’s Landscaping sheet mulched the whole yard in late 2020. That process comprised cutting the grass, putting down a thick layer of cardboard (that was given by Raley’s), and masking it with mulch out of the city’s tree trimming team.

On Saturday, work crews returned to put in a drip irrigation system.

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