Arugula Companion Plants: Good Growing Buddies


Arugula, additionally known as rocket or roquette, is a savory salad inexperienced that’s packed stuffed with taste and vitamins. Its peppery leaves infuse a spicy zing to salad mixes, sandwiches, pesto, pizza, and sauteed dishes. Not solely is arugula a tasty ally to many recipes world wide, however it’s a priceless accomplice within the backyard.  Let’s discover out extra about arugula companion crops!

Arugula, Eruca sativa, belongs to the mustard household which incorporates brassicas.  There are many acquainted brassica greens comparable to kale, broccoli, cabbage, and collard greens which are associated to arugula.  All of those fibrous greens maintain dietary properties, and planting arugula is accumulating curiosity for gardeners for its pure well being advantages but in addition for its capability to develop rapidly.  Many might discover arugula in mesclun seed packets or ready salad bins, which enhances the child salad greens it’s combined in with.

Arugula is a nourishing superfood.  It is excessive in fiber and wealthy in nutritional vitamins A, C, potassium, and the mineral calcium. This a heart-healthy plant that’s useful for weight reduction and has cancer-fighting properties. Regular consumption has additionally been proven to enhance complexion and enhance vitality ranges. 

Are you able to make arugula crops a staple in your backyard?  Let’s discover why companion planting ought to be thought-about, and what are best crops to develop with arugula, and which crops we must always keep away from planting arugula subsequent to. 

What Is Companion Planting?

Choosing good arugula companion crops might be fairly simple. Source: adactio

There are many advantages to companion planting.  By diversifying with pleasant crops, you possibly can enhance the general vigor and manufacturing of the backyard. With companion planting, you might be discovering crops that affiliate effectively in shut proximity and supply mutual advantages to one another. 

This differs from monocropping in a backyard mattress.  When you might be sowing arugula by themselves, they’re competing with the identical vitamins.  This could cause progress weak spot within the arugula and make it extra vulnerable to insect infestation.  In distinction, companion crops can occupy totally different areas within the backyard and yield extra meals in the identical area. Good arugula neighbors can entice pollinators, discourage pests, deposit vitamins and create microclimates to shelter the arugula. 

For pest administration, appropriate fragrant crops could also be naturally repellant. The intercropping might even confuse the pests and deter them from investigating nearer.  There are even some companion crops that may entice useful bugs to deal with pest issues. For instance, marigolds are a wonderful companion to plant by basil and tomatoes. It holds qualities that entice pollinating bugs and repel backyard pests. 

Other companion crops comparable to beans assist replenish nitrogen within the soil and improve the well being of their neighboring crops. You can play with the vertical layers of your backyard to maximise area by guiding the beans on a trellis or develop companion root greens. Root greens are useful by serving to break up the soil. 

Planting low-lying companions can act as a dwelling mulch and floor cowl. This will retain moisture within the soil, maintain the soil intact, and scale back competitors with weeds.  Taller crops can act as a nurse for seedlings, and supply shelter from the solar and wind. These are microclimates which you could simply develop to reinforce the well being of your backyard.  

Companion planting with quick, mid, and slow-growing crops can help within the group of your backyard.  For instance, fast-growing crops comparable to radish or spinach can be utilized as dwelling markers within the backyard so that you just don’t unintentionally double-plant over a slower-growing selection like corn, cabbage, or cauliflower.  Now let’s discover what crops are advisable to develop with arugula and which of them to keep away from. 

Good Arugula Companion Plants

Arugula sprouts
Young arugula can use a bit of neighborly safety from pests. Source: SrslyKris

Arugula is a fast-growing plant that thrives in cooler climate.  It is a resilient plant and has just one principal pest, flea beetles.  Flea beetles like to eat the tender leaves of the arugula plant and can depart tiny holes within the leaves.  So let’s make it tough for the flea beetle to search out arugula with companion planting!

First, let’s take into account cool-season companion varieties for planting arugula.  There are root crops comparable to carrots, beets, onions, and garlic that prosper in cooler climate.  These root crop companions can maximize your backyard area since they primarily occupy rising zones beneath floor. The leafy tops of carrots and beets can present shade for the arugula crops. Additionally, the pungent aromas of alliums comparable to onions and garlic deter backyard pests and are widespread companion crops for arugula and brassicas. 

Other cool-weather crops to develop arugula subsequent to are leafy greens comparable to spinach, lettuce, and swiss chard.  When planted collectively, you’ve gotten an immediate salad backyard mattress.  Some gardeners will broadcast the seeds of those leafy greens relatively than intentionally spacing them out.  This will present a dense crop of salad greens, which you’ll skinny to benefit from the younger child leaves.

Some companion crops such because the fragrant rosemary might repel pests from arugula.  Herbs discourage and will confuse pests from discovering your arugula.  You can sow arugula with different herbs comparable to dill, thyme, mint, chives, parsley, coriander, sage, basil, oregano, and borage. Anything within the mint household is a superb deterrent for backyard pests. Additionally, dill is one other nice companion plant for brassicas and is ceaselessly used for pest administration. 

If you want to a pop of colour in your backyard, take into account rising arugula with flowers comparable to chamomile, nasturtium, and petunias.  Chamomile will entice pollinating bugs and its sturdy aromatic scent can conceal arugula from backyard pests.  Additionally, nasturtium can be utilized as a floor cowl.  Other ground-covering crops embrace borage and cucumbers.  These crops can shade the bottom round arugula and reduce evaporation within the soil.  Borage attracts pollinators, deters curious wildlife like deer, and repels cabbage moth caterpillars. 

Some companion crops are nitrogen-fixers by replenishing nitrogen within the soil and enhancing the well being and taste of the arugula crops.  Since bush beans are tall, additionally they present shade.  Other tall-growing companion crops to incorporate with arugula are corn and peas.  One final vegetable to think about as a companion is celery, as they require related wants in daylight and water.  There are even recipes that incorporate celery and arugula.  You’ll discover that if you find yourself rising these arugula companion crops, lots of them complement one another in numerous recipes. 

You can begin small with companion planting by starting with one different plant selection comparable to carrots and arugula. Or you might be adventurous and experiment with a number of companion varieties like beans, arugula, spinach, onions, and rosemary. The beauty of companion planting is that it’s not an actual science and there are lots of potentialities.  By companion planting with arugula crops, you might be maximizing the area and vitality in your backyard whereas minimizing the competitors of weeds and the necessity for pesticides. 

What Not To Plant With Arugula

Arugula plant
An arugula plant might like a bit of pleasant shade from bigger crops. Source: stgermh

There are some backyard crops that don’t mutually profit arugula.  Let’s discover this shortlist of dangerous neighbors.

Although strawberries are a enjoyable floor cowl, they aren’t good companion crops for arugula and can impede progress.  This is true for all brassicas.  If you might be planting strawberries, it would be best to plant a row or two away from arugula. 

Most crops within the nightshade or solanum household are incompatible with arugula crops.  This is as a result of nightshades desire a extra acidic soil pH of 5.5-6.5 whereas arugula prefers a extra impartial soil pH of 6.5-7.  It will not be advisable to develop arugula subsequent to eggplant, peppers, potatoes, or tomato.

Keep in thoughts that in case you develop brassicas collectively, it might entice their widespread pests and bugs, and make them extra vulnerable to infestation. This contains planting in an space that previously grew a brassica.  For instance, it is suggested to not plant arugula in an area that was just lately occupied by cabbage. 

Another tip, some arugula companion crops will not be good neighbors to one another.  Dill and carrots aren’t appropriate however on their very own, are nice companion crops for arugula. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far aside do you have to plant arugula?

A: Arugula seeds might be planted an inch aside in 10-inch rows.  When younger leaves are 4 inches tall, you possibly can skinny to 4-6 inches aside.  

Q: When can I plant arugula exterior?

A: Arugula is a cool-season annual that’s good if you find yourself desperate to develop earlier than your final frost date in early spring. You can even develop arugula in late summer time or early fall to increase your backyard harvest. Arugula can tolerate gentle frosts with its optimum rising circumstances starting from 45-65 levels Fahrenheit.  For continuous harvests, it is suggested to stagger planting arugula each 2-3 weeks. Be cautious, as soon as the climate will get sizzling, arugula will bolt and the leaves will flip bitter.

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