20 Flowering Shrubs into Add Color into Your Garden


Flowering shrubs combine the best of both worlds by giving decoration and structure for your garden. These woody plants play an significant role in landscape layout, because they can propagate rapidly, provide privacy, and add eye-catching pops of colour to any area. 

Incorporating flowering shrubs for your lawn also benefits pollinators, something which should always be taken into account when choosing plants. Bees, hummingbirds, and other significant pollinators depend on flowering shrubs as a supply of nectar and pollen, whereas the shrubs themselves may also help maintain native insects and also stop water or soil erosion. Here are 20 lovely flowering shrubs for the garden landscape.

Some of these crops on this listing are poisonous to pets. For more info concerning the protection of particular crops, consult with the ASPCA’s searchable database.

Lantana (Lantana camara)

AYImages / Getty Images

Another favorite of butterflies, lantana footprints have brightly colored blossoms which bloom in late spring. Their little blossoms grow naturally in a round clustered shape which frequently combine various colours and give a slightly citrusy odor that pollinators go nuts over. If you don’t have sufficient space in the lawn for an whole tree, those plants also make fantastic additions to hanging baskets, because their branches will melt over the border obviously.

Plant Care Tips

  • Light: Full sunlight.
  • Water: Deep watering once weekly.
  • Soil: Well-emptied.
  • Pet Safety: Toxic to dogs and cats.

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