★ How to: Save Bean Seeds (An Easy Step by Step Guide)

Saving bean seeds is a simple yet essential skill for any avid gardener. In this step-by-step guide, one can learn how to effectively preserve and store bean seeds for future planting. From the initial harvesting of mature bean pods to the drying and cleaning process, he or she will gain valuable insights into this sustainable practice. By following these easy instructions, gardeners can ensure a bountiful supply of high-quality bean seeds, maximizing future harvests and fostering self-sufficiency in their own backyard. So, let’s dive in and explore the wonderful world of saving bean seeds!

How to: Save Bean Seeds (An Easy Step by Step Guide)


Saving bean seeds is a simple and rewarding endeavor for any avid gardener. Not only does it allow you to preserve the bean varieties that thrive in your garden, but it also promotes self-sustainability in the long run. In this informative video by Project Diaries, the content creator takes us through a step-by-step guide on how to collect, harvest, and save bean seeds. This article will provide a detailed review of the video, highlighting key points and offering additional insights to help you successfully save and store your bean seeds.

Heading 1: The Right Time to Harvest Bean Seeds

Sub-heading 1: Timing is key

Harvesting bean seeds at the right time is crucial to ensure their quality and viability. According to the video, the ideal time to harvest bean seeds is during the autumn season. This is when the bean pods have turned transparent brown and fully dried. The dry and brittle pods indicate that the beans inside have reached their full maturity.

Sub-heading 2: Assessing seed quality

When harvesting bean seeds, it’s important to choose pods that contain plump, shapely beans. Avoid selecting pods that show any signs of mold or cracks, as these may indicate poor seed quality. The video emphasizes the importance of handpicking the beans individually to ensure you’re only collecting the best seeds for future planting.

Heading 2: Storing Bean Seeds

Sub-heading 1: Drying the harvested beans

After harvesting, the video recommends storing the beans in a cool, dark, and dry place for a week or two. This allows any residual moisture in the beans to evaporate, reducing the risk of mold or decay during storage. Properly drying the beans is crucial to maintain their germination potential.

Sub-heading 2: Creating seed packets

To keep your bean seeds organized and protected, it is suggested to create seed packets. These can be made from envelopes or small pieces of paper and labeled with the bean variety and the year of harvest. Each packet should contain a sufficient amount of seeds for future planting, ensuring a steady supply of homegrown beans in the coming seasons.

Sub-heading 3: Choosing storage containers

Alternatively, if creating seed packets, the harvested beans can be stored in airtight containers that are dry and moisture-proof. These containers will help preserve the quality of the seeds, keeping them viable until the next planting season.

Heading 3: Supporting Project Diaries

Sub-heading 1: Donation support

Throughout the video, Project Diaries provides links for viewers to support their cause through donations. This support allows the content creator to continue producing educational gardening content and sharing valuable insights with the gardening community.

Sub-heading 2: Project Diaries merchandise

Additionally, Project Diaries offers merchandise for purchase, giving viewers the opportunity to show their support in a tangible way. By buying branded merchandise, gardeners can display their love for Project Diaries and help spread awareness about the channel.

Heading 4: Joining the Community

Sub-heading 1: Subscribe to the YouTube channel

To stay updated with the latest gardening videos and tutorials, the content creator encourages viewers to subscribe to the Project Diaries YouTube channel. By subscribing, you’ll receive notifications whenever a new video is uploaded, ensuring you never miss out on valuable gardening advice.

Sub-heading 2: Join the Facebook gardening group

Project Diaries also invites gardeners to join their Facebook gardening group, where like-minded individuals can share tips, experiences, and seek advice from fellow enthusiasts. This community serves as a platform for knowledge exchange and fosters a supportive environment for gardeners of all skill levels.


Saving bean seeds is a rewarding practice that allows gardeners to preserve their favorite bean varieties and ensure self-sustainability in their garden. The video created by Project Diaries provides a comprehensive guide on how to collect, harvest, and store the seeds. By following the step-by-step instructions, viewers can easily save their own bean seeds for future planting. Remember to harvest the beans at the right time, select high-quality seeds, and store them in a dry and cool place. Supporting Project Diaries through donations or purchasing merchandise can also help the content creator continue sharing educational gardening content with the community.

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