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As you may already know that I am a fan of wordpress and my intense is to share the blogging ideas to all of my audiences. I have started my blogging journey since three years. But before start blogging I researched day after day that where I will store my site’s data and images? Which web hosting company is the best? It is true there are so many web hosting service providers around the world. May be some of them are good some of bad! Because I wanted to be clarified. That’s why I had a couple of questions regarding the issue.

(1) How many companies are reliable and trustworthy?
(2) How long the server uptime they provide?
(3) How is their customer support?

I have found a number of answers to these questions. But in my study I got some of the best web host companies. Such as:

                                √ Bluehost

                                √ Dream host

                                √ Arvixe web hosting      (my choice)

                                √ Qhoster

                                √ Siteground

But I have finally chosen Arvixe web hosting for my Blogging Garden. Now I am going to describe why I have hosted my blog in Arvixe hosting:

1. They have wonderful Support
First of all let me tell you in how many ways Arvixe support to their customers. Have a look at below:
arvixe mail
The support of Arvixe is really awesome. Whenever I have faced any kind of difficulty related hosting issue I contacted them and they really helped me… Click To Tweet Their live chat service is really marvelous and it is 24/7 based. I think when we face any trouble we feel hesitation to contact them. But I can tell you from my experience the support team of Arvixe is really proactive and helpful to their users. So don’t feel any hesitation if you need any pre sale or post sale queries.

2. Reliability
I have never experienced a single pro-longed service downtime since I started using arvixe web hosting services. Just a single day I had a major downtime was caused by a bad configuration in my .htaccess file. But the issue was corrected by the arvixe support team within a short time. Because they promised 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Don’t think I’m the only one testifying about how trustworthy Arvixe hosting has been over the years.

3. Great Accountability
Arvixe, being a great web hosting provider has remained highly accountable counting by the several years I have been with them. Some of my friends using their service and all of they are very much satisfied with Arvixe. And also I have even referred more persons to this great hosting provider than I have ever done before; none of them has had a single complain regards their accountability.

4. Easy Sign up Process
Never a time, has any of my friends complained, even the ones that aren’t too good with internet forms still finds their way around the arvixe services order interface.
I really rate their cart idea as one of the best out there, one can smoothly order for upgrades for example “dedicated IP Address”, “VPS class plans”, “SSL certificate and the likes without having to contact their support.

5. Life time free domain:
Arvixe giving a life time free domain with their every hosting package. You don’t have to pay any charge for your domain. If you don’t remaining with them you can transfer your domain easily.

6. Easy and Latest Cpanel
The entire control panel of arvixe is really easy to use and the updated features are included into the cpanel. When I first log in to my account cpanel I was really pleased to see the total out looking. Irrespective of Windows or Linux server, arvixe will deliver with all plans the newest version of Cpanel Software with all their mouth-watering add-ons. Also they have some special and effective 3rd party service like SEO, one click wordpress installation, auto responder and so on.

Almost my every friend whose are using Arvixe prefers Control panel to direct admin and any other management solution out there, this is what makes Arvixe hosting better to other affordable hosting providing companies out there.

7. Unlimited disk space and data transfer
They provide unlimited disk space to their users. And also there is no limit regarding the bandwidth. So you can transfer unlimited data.

8. Awesome Discount for New Customers
Arvixe offers a special discount if you use a coupon code. It makes so easy for us to refer new users to Arvixe. For example: if you purchase a Linux Shared Web Hosting package from them you have to pay $4/month and $48/year. But if you use this coupon code “BloggingGarden” (without inverted comma) you can save 54% discount from your purchase. How funny the deal is…! So start your journey with arvixe today.

9. Payment method
Almost every web hosting providers companies uses paypal and master card as a payment method. But Arvixe offers a variety of payment method to purchase their service such as paypal, international master card and skrill. Unfortunately I had neither verified paypal account (as I am in a paypal unsupported country) nor any master card. But I had a verified skrill account and got sufficient balance. This is why I like Arvixe.

10. Free Domain privacy protection
As you may know your “domain privacy protection” is a crucial issue and you should try to hide them from public visibility. Because, it can be one of the reason to hacking your website. Almost every domain register offers this service with a monthly or yearly basis charge. But Arvixe give you this service absolutely free.

Have a look at some achievement of arvixe for their magnificent performance:

arvixe awards

Pros: above are the pros of Arvixe
Cons: if they improve the server performance sometimes your site will be down for a couple of minutes. But you’ll be updated through your mail.

Now it is your choice to pick up your own decision. I have just got these above points are positive. If you find any unhelpful issue regarding the arvixe hosting feel free to share with us. And if you got this article helpful to take your decision I’ll be highly proud of it. If you need any help to choose your own hosting don’t feel hesitate to contact with me.

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