make-money-onlineIf you are new to the world of safe online earning and blogging then most likely the best approach to get started is by starting a blog on or Blogger is a free of cost blogging platform from Google. There are pretty a few other free blogging platforms that you can create your blog on. But there are so many limitations on these free services. If you would like to be a professional then you have to think slight differently. Because your goal is to earning with providing services. So you may choose a great CMS platform for your blog. I am using wordpress as my blogging platform. You may read:

If you not yet create your blog you can also read this WordPress Set up Guide for New Bloggers.

WordPress has positive advantages over other platforms. I think wordpress is the most popular blogging platform around the world. It is very simple to use and everyone can use it without any technical knowledge on HTML or CSS.
So today I am going to share with you- How to Earn Money Online with a wordpress Blog:

1. Google AdSense:
This is the most well-liked way to earn money with a blog. But for last a small number of years AdSense has became especially conscious about the value of the blog sites or websites in their program. So, if you’re very soon starting your blog then make an effort to add as a minimum 10-15 post, do keyword study, SEO optimize your blog and build traffic to your blog and then submit an application for an AdSense account.

2. Amazon Associate Program:
Amazon products are extremely popular. So it’s not that hard to make cash with them. But, from my own experience I can advise you, rather than basically putting Amazon modules on your blog write down product reviews and include affiliate links to that Amazon product. This gets enhanced response from your readers.

3.Sell Advertising Space:
When your blog becomes well-liked you can then begin selling advertising space honestly from your blog. Otherwise you can obtain the help of online advertising marketplaces; in this case these marketplaces take a share of the whole returns.

4.Affiliate Programs:
There are a lot of affiliate programs that you can encourage using your wordpress blog. Programs as like Commission Junction, Click Bank are extremely popular and alleged companies. If you can be taught the tricks of affiliate marketing then it can be the most profitable online business for you.

5.Write down Blog Reviews:
Paid reviews are one of the finest ways to earn money from your blog. There are various websites that offers you money used for review of their advertisers’ services or product. More well-liked blogs can make attractively from every review they write down.

Besides these there are so many ways to earn from a blog. You need to keep it up and try to be updated. I have just share with you a simple ways of online earning. If you got this article helpful don’t feel hesitate to share it to your online community.

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