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Masud Parvage | Gardener of Blogging Garden | Photo: Digital World Fair, 2015, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hello dear friends,

Welcome to my Blogging Garden. It’s a blogging station for the interested readers, bloggers and the wp fans around the world. As you may know blogging is the effective way of sharing your thoughts and feelings, so to enhance the credibility for the wp bloggers, we are here to make you satisfied.  Blogging Garden is a way of blogging journey which is much needed for wp users. We are continuously sharing the tips and tricks of wordpress. It covers numerous topic related wordpress, Blogging, Social Media, popular Web hosting, secret of Adsense earning, Affiliate marketing, Make Money using Blogging and many more. If you have any blogging site or decided to start blogging soon or have a great curiosity on blogging journey or make money online through blogging; we believe you are on the right track.

Here on your journey we can share with you:

  • How to start blogging?
  • How to getting started with wordpress?
  • Why wordpress is the best platform for beginners?
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Just keep with Blogging Garden and subscribe using your number one e-mail to be updated. We cannot promise to make you rich overnight. What we can promise is that we will provide you the tools to enable yourself to make money and evolving income, if you’re among those who are eager to do what it takes to become a successful blogger.

If you’ve got basic writing skills, basic knowledge on internet, a passion for gaining knowledge of, the desire to be your own boss and a dream of transforming your life, Blogging Garden is the perfect platform to help you starting your blogging journey today!

About me

And this is Masud Parvage, gardener of the Blogging Garden. I am a person who is positive in every step of life. I have completed my BSS and MSS from National University, Bangladesh. Since my student life I am still now passionate on information and technology. There are so many things I like to do. I love reading, I love writing and reciting, I like to think , I’m dreaming, I mean, I like listening, to see the sunset in the evening, I like to see the moon at night and I want to feel the sea breeze. I love watching the white clouds in the sky with a white and a blank mind; I like to experiment when I cannot sleep in the mid night. I like ‘Dolon Chapa’ in every spring, I like to sleep late but get up early, I love simple food and normal shoes.

Once make money online was impossible to me. But some of my friends were earning using internet infront of my active eyes. To see the stuff I was very curious about the issue and I started my research online. Today I believe from 3rd world country like Bangladesh that making money online is easy if someone acquire some skills on particular subject. And I believe if you follow the Blogging Garden you will also be able to earn money through online. If you would like to share something with me or need my service don’t feel any hesitation to contact me.

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