How to choose a right domain name

domain nameChoosing a domain name is not so tough if you realize your demand. Many new comers taking too much time to choose the right domain name. Sometimes a large number of them make mistakes to choose the perfect domain. Because they don’t realize themselves, they clearly don’t know their purposes. In this article I am going to describe How to choose a right domain name. So let’s start the game…

Consider some points when register a domain name. Because after picking up you can’t change or modify it. So be careful when typing the name.

Here are some points to consider when picking a domain name.

√ Try to keep your domain name short and simple

√ Pick a name which is easy to spell and memorable

√ Stay away from numbers and dashes

√ Use relevant keywords that are focused on your business

√ Don’t use any copyright or trademarked names

√ Try to pick  .com, .net or .org domain extension

√ Try to avoid meaningless name (you can do that if you would like to create your own brand)

√ Avoid to picking any domain name following any established brand. For example is a brand name, don’t take like or any others.

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As you may already know I’ve chosen Blogging Garden to my blog’s name. Because I love blogging and like to write blogging related articles. I hope after reading this article you will be able to choose a right domain name for you. If you like this article please share it to your social network so that your friends will pick the right domain name like you.

How to Earn Extra Cash from Unique Rewards

unique rewards review

There are so many GPT (Get Paid To) sites around the web. Unfortunately many of them are scam. So when you would like to earn some extra cash from a GPT site you should be careful. So today I am going to introduce with you a nice GPT site. Yes if you like using GPT (Get Paid To) sites for extra cash, you might enjoy Unique Rewards. This is a site similar to Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and Zoombucks that will pay you cash for doing simple little things. Note that Unique Rewards is only open to people in the US, UK, and Canada.

While most of these GPT sites are similar in regard to how you can earn, they often differ as to how you are paid and when. So, I’m breaking down Unique Rewards for you here so you can see what it’s all about:

[su_note note_color=”#f9560c” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”2″]How You Earn Money:[/su_note]
Here are the things you can do to earn money on Unique Rewards:

  • Complete offers
  • Complete surveys
  • Listen to the radio (that’s a little different!)
  • Watch videos
  • Click ads
  • Shop online
  • Read emails

[su_note note_color=”#f9560c” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”2″]How You Are Paid:[/su_note]

You must have $20 to cash out, and they will pay you with either Paypal or check. They do payouts every Monday.

[su_note note_color=”#f9560c” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”2″]Referral Program:[/su_note]

Unique Rewards does have a referral program, but your referrals have to be active in order for you to profit much from this. You’ll get a $1 when your referral completes their first offer and you get $5 for every active referral. An active referral is one that reaches $20 in earnings at Unique Rewards. They will also pay you 10 percent of the earnings for every qualified referral for your lifetime and there is no limit in place for how many referrals you can earn from.

[su_note note_color=”#f9560c” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”2″]Gold Member Status:[/su_note]

If you earn $20 on Unique Rewards, you will be considered a “Gold” member, and you will earn more money for every offer you do.

[su_note note_color=”#f9560c” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”2″]My Opinion:[/su_note]

I did some digging and it looks like they are paying members although some on the forum have reported delays with receiving their checks, but that could always be to do with the speed of the postal service. My advice — if you want faster pay, you may want to just request Paypal payment instead.
The minimum cash out, at $20, is a little high for me. But if you use sites like this regularly, it may be a good one to add to the mix. Seems fairly respected and they have a large social media following as well.

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[su_note note_color=”#f9560c” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”2″]How do you sign up:[/su_note]
You can go here:

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” size=”5″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: hand-o-right” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″ desc=”(It’s absolutely free)” rel=”nofollow” title=”Signup at Unique Rewards”]Signup at Unique Rewards[/su_button]

Please feel free to comment below if you have ever used this site and what your experience was. Finally if you consider this review as helpful don’t feel hesitate to share this to your social media.

Why I Started Blogging?

bloggingHello, Hope the almighty has kept you well. You are always welcome to my Blogging Garden…! Today I am going to share with you that why I started blogging.

Before going ahead I want to say that I love my life more than I can say. And also I believe- “life is a journey not a destination”! So in our life we are continuously struggling, surviving and overcoming a number of difficulties…!
[bctt tweet=”I have been blogging now for 3 years. I honestly enjoy it. I really love to write as well as get my thoughts out there. I love it when people contact me back because I know they are reading it.” via=”no”]

I first started blogging during the hard point in my life. When I was a student of my college life I loved a girl. (Still now love her, because she is my first love!). My girl friend was so beautiful to look at! However I am not like her to looking. At that time I didn’t have any money to having date with her couple of time in a week. And also she wants to me some gorgeous things to gift her. But at that time I didn’t have sufficient money to fulfill her needs (it may be demand).

Unfortunately my girlfriend had just separated with me. I shocked! The sky has fallen in my head! It was actually hard to take for me. I knew we have been having issues but I never thought she appeared to be willing to break up.

Some of my friends were support me in this crucial situation. And they gave me courage to go ahead on my life journey! I am really very grateful to all of those friends. One of them was a blogger and writing continuously on his blog. He encouraged me to start blogging and gave some tips on blogging. I research day after day through internet and acquired knowledge on blogging. I’ve observed- how the successful bloggers and internet marketers like Darren Rowse, Mari Smith, Neil Patel are doing well! And also I am really very grateful to one of my elder brother Mahmudul Alam; who was encouraged me a lot!

Last of all I decided to launch a blog just to have a destination to write about what I was feeling. I never imagined it would have a wide range of readers or possibly make me money. Now I am frequently writing on my Blogging Garden.


I have been blogging now for 3 years. I honestly enjoy it. I really love to write as well as get my thoughts out there. I love it when people contact me back because I know they are reading it.

The better I poured out my heart, the more people really started to read it and comment. I heard from a lot of people that they had gone through exactly the same thing. I got a huge encouragement from the issue.

Before long I was writing guest posts and basically making money from sponsors. It was great. I was invited to take a seminar on “How to Blogging” arranged by the Department of Youth Development, Government republic of Bangladesh. I was a slight nervous about it however very excited and took the session smoothly.

I hope I can continue to keep blogging and grow to earn a 24/7 income. At present I am working in a project of NGO, but would love to be able to give it up my job simply be a professional blogger. It would be like a dream come true for me.

A lot of people ask me why I started blogging and what I like about this. I usually tell them that I started blogging to begin the healing procedure however I enjoy blogging mainly because it helps me meet others. It helps them realize they aren’t alone.

From blogging I’ve already been able to meet so many other bloggers who have gone through what I have. I really believe writing things out is a great way to heal when you go through something like a breakup. You can really get your emotions out and it also makes you feel better. I understand it really works that way for me.

Recently I spend a huge time for it. I try to write articles regularly. I want to keep at it since I actually think I am helping people continuously. If I unfortunately stopped blogging people would notice. I’ve gathered some exclusive tools which will be very helpful to your journey! Please visit:

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon=”icon: book” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″ rel=”nofollow” title=”Secret Blogging Tools”]Secret Blogging Tools For Passionate Bloggers[/su_button]

And also if you interested you may join to my Facebook Group:

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Sometimes I prefer to go to the public library and write. Sometimes I just do it at my home. I go where I totally feel I will be able to write. That is different depending upon my mood.

I would have also been able to heal but I would not have had the confidence of others. That’s the reason I am so happy and I started the blog. Now blogging is giving me money and honor both.

Here are the reasons why I started blogging. If you like the story of my blogging journey I would request you to share the story to your friends and family, so that others can be encouraged by reading the story. Thanks for reading my blogging journey

How to Earn Money Online with a wordpress Blog

make-money-onlineIf you are new to the world of safe online earning and blogging then most likely the best approach to get started is by starting a blog on or Blogger is a free of cost blogging platform from Google. There are pretty a few other free blogging platforms that you can create your blog on. But there are so many limitations on these free services. If you would like to be a professional then you have to think slight differently. Because your goal is to earning with providing services. So you may choose a great CMS platform for your blog. I am using wordpress as my blogging platform. You may read:

If you not yet create your blog you can also read this WordPress Set up Guide for New Bloggers.

WordPress has positive advantages over other platforms. I think wordpress is the most popular blogging platform around the world. It is very simple to use and everyone can use it without any technical knowledge on HTML or CSS.
So today I am going to share with you- How to Earn Money Online with a wordpress Blog:

1. Google AdSense:
This is the most well-liked way to earn money with a blog. But for last a small number of years AdSense has became especially conscious about the value of the blog sites or websites in their program. So, if you’re very soon starting your blog then make an effort to add as a minimum 10-15 post, do keyword study, SEO optimize your blog and build traffic to your blog and then submit an application for an AdSense account.

2. Amazon Associate Program:
Amazon products are extremely popular. So it’s not that hard to make cash with them. But, from my own experience I can advise you, rather than basically putting Amazon modules on your blog write down product reviews and include affiliate links to that Amazon product. This gets enhanced response from your readers.

3.Sell Advertising Space:
When your blog becomes well-liked you can then begin selling advertising space honestly from your blog. Otherwise you can obtain the help of online advertising marketplaces; in this case these marketplaces take a share of the whole returns.

4.Affiliate Programs:
There are a lot of affiliate programs that you can encourage using your wordpress blog. Programs as like Commission Junction, Click Bank are extremely popular and alleged companies. If you can be taught the tricks of affiliate marketing then it can be the most profitable online business for you.

5.Write down Blog Reviews:
Paid reviews are one of the finest ways to earn money from your blog. There are various websites that offers you money used for review of their advertisers’ services or product. More well-liked blogs can make attractively from every review they write down.

Besides these there are so many ways to earn from a blog. You need to keep it up and try to be updated. I have just share with you a simple ways of online earning. If you got this article helpful don’t feel hesitate to share it to your online community.

My experience with Arvixe web hosting

Arvixe web hosting

It’s more than a year now with Arvixe web hosting. Since a few days I am thinking that I’ve to write my experience of Arvixe web hosting and their support team as I am using arvixe web hosting since 2014. So lastly I’ve started the journey for all my readers! Before sharing my experience I have to tell you my earlier awareness when I was thinking about a Good web hosting. I have spent (actually invested) a lot of time to study on choosing a good web host for my Blogging Garden.

In my study I’ve found a couple of Good web host in the industry. Such as:

Not actually all these hosting service providers are equally good. Because you can’t say only one is the best! In fact it depends on variety of factors. If you run a single blog then a shared hosting can be better. On the other hand if you would like to host your eCommerce business you may choose the different one! So it is really varied. I’ve hosted my Blogging Garden in Arvixe web hosting and it is a shared hosting. Arvand Sabetian is the CEO and founder of Arvixe. They serve the industry since 2003. I was really very motivated to read his interview at Business Collective.


So in my first year with arvixe is full of excitements! Because, I’ve faced a huge experience with operating my blog in 2014-2015. Many times I’ve talked with Arvixe support team regarding my hosting issues as I was beginner to Cpanel hosting. Sometimes via live chat, sometimes emailing. However Arvixe offers a variety of support method. But not all the time I was happy to get their support. But it is true I got their responses in every time I talked with the support team of Arvixe. Even within 55 seconds I got respond with the live chat! All of the support members are really awesome to me because of their professionalism with their clients. All of they were truly cordial to me as well as skilled to fix the various issues. The most important think is to me that all the support members I faced having friendly attitude and young of mind! I couldn’t close the eyes to some of them to introduce with all of you through my Blogging Garden!

Some of the members of Arvixe support team

[table id=3 /]

If you thing about a long term business you might be care of a good web hosting. Because transferring an established business website is really a hassle.  Also a good web hosting is one of the significant factors of ranking on Google. However what works today may not work tomorrow! I’ve passed such a day when I couldn’t access smoothly to my wordpress dashboard. In that critical situation they support me to fix the issues. One day one of my sites was being hacked by Iranian cyber hackers. It gave me huge pains. I couldn’t sleep a single moment after that occurrence! I’ve tried to recover my website data repeatedly but the result was zero. Because, I wasn’t an expert on recovering data from hacked websites. After consult with arvixe support team and with their friendly support I got back my site. I can’t forget that day! I am really very grateful to Arvixe support team.

So in briefly I can tell you about Arvixe:

1.    Support                                              : Excellent
2.    Reliability & Uptime                      : Good
3.    User-friendliness                            : Very Good

I’ve another blog hosted in Qhoster. That is also a good web hosting provider accepting multiple payment method with Skrill, Payza, Neteller etc. It’s very cheap and reasonable. Now I am going to planning a new project on Mochahost, another hosting service from USA; so that I can compare among all these web hosting. However at the moment I am really very satisfied on Arvixe as they offer:

  • Life time free domain
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Free site builders
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • 24/7 support and many more

So you can choose Arvixe as your hosting partner without any hesitation.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” size=”6″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon=”icon: hand-o-right” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″ desc=”use coupon ‘BloggingGarden’ to get 54% off” rel=”nofollow” title=”Arvixe Web Hosting”]Sign Up @ Arvixe[/su_button]

Over to you

If you are an existing Arvixe user and faced any unpleasant experience do let us know by commenting so that I with my readers can conscious about that point. Otherwise if you are a positive thinker don’t feel hesitate to share my Arvixe experience with your social media.

How Web Hosting Works

how web hosting worksAnyone can create a website that is accessible around the world with a great domain name and webhosting plan. Although it is possible, you need to know some basic information about how web hosting works before starting up.
Before starting your home page design, you need to pick a hosting plan from two basic types: shared or dedicated. Most small to medium site owners prefer shared web hosting. It provides limited server access for an affordable price. If someone has a larger site and a bigger budget, dedicated hosting is preferred because it includes additional features and several customizable options for the users. So choosing a good web host is really an important issue for your online business.

To implement your website, you need understand how these two works. Here is a brief description of both.

• Domain Name and Hosting Plan
Before committing to a web-hosting plan, you need to register your domain name. Several companies offer these services as a bundle. However, it is not mandatory to get both from one provider; you can buy the domain name and hosting from different companies.
If you research, you may find a better price for uncommon and top-level domains like “.us” or “.tv”. If you plan to buy the domain and hosting from separate company, you need to set the server name on the domain registrar’s website to point to the addresses provided by your web host. The steps for setting up your domain name vary from host to host, so check from the registrar’s help page to find specific directions.

• Shared Hosting Basics
Your website on shared hosting is placed on the same server hardware as many other websites. This setup of hosting is very affordable. Unless your website is a large or e-commerce website, shared hosting is perfect for you. However, you will have no control over the server hardware or software.
Shared hosting plans often offer unlimited bandwidth and support for multiple domain names anytime. However, you may experience a major limitation in CPU time with shared hosting because everyone who connects to a website under that host uses the server’s processing power, and if too many people connect, every website on the server will slow down. This will especially happen if any one or more websites have complex scripts.
If you use too much CPU time, your web host might put restrictions on your site. Sometimes the providers may force you to upgrade to a dedicated server if the problem keeps reoccurring.
If you are planning to buy hosting for a personal site, a blog site, or a small business, you can easily and safely start out with shared hosting.

• Dedicated Hosting
You will not need to worry about CPU restrictions with a dedicated server. A dedicated server allows you to install custom software, but you will pay more for it. If you want to use more custom software, the provider will likely restrict your bandwidth and drive space.
If your site becomes popular or if you need to convert the server configuration, you can just talk to your web host provider for converting to dedicated server so that you won’t have to bother rebuilding your entire website on another host again.
There is also virtual private server (or VPS) hosting. Some web hosts offer VPS hosting. Although this type does not provide any additional CPU resources, you can install customized software on the server and can alter the settings.

• Getting Started
Setting up a website from scratch requires significant skill for web design and coding. Technology for this has improved a lot now, and so you can easily build without coding using web tools. There are several Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, and MediaWiki, which can be a backbone for your site because it minimizes the hassle of coding so that you can focus on creating content. Here is a step by step wordpress setup guide for you.
You can install utilities with one click by using some website building tools offered by many web hosts. If you don’t need these tools, just download your chosen CMS for your website and follow the directions for putting it on your server. Then you will be ready to get started.
Although each CMS platform offers customization support, Drupal and WordPress primarily focus on sites with permanent content. On the other hand, MediaWiki has the best support with updating content like Wikipedia.

• Self-Hosting
There is an easy way to save money by hosting your own website from home; however you will need to have tech experience. If the server is setup incorrectly, your site may be the victim of hackers. Self-hosting requires your own server hardware and an investment in security if your site is to support a huge number of visitors. You should check with your Internet service providers before you try to run a server by yourself in order to avoid unexpected block and penalty.

These important descriptions will help you find the right host for your website. If everything goes smoothly, you will draw high traffic to your website and ultimately run a successful website.


Evie Coles is the writer of this article. She is a freelance writer and writes for several websites. She loves to share her knowledge through blogs. She believes that everyone should read the reviews of web hosting provider before choose any web hosting service. While writing this article, she found a trusted web hosting review website.

How to use coupon code in Arvixe hosting

As yohow to use arvixe couponu may know there have some top hosting providers around the world, so you can choose one of them to host your blog data. However choosing a good web host is not so difficult if you care the issue. It is true almost every hosting provider want to give us good service so that they will catch a great position on that market place. If you feel confusion regarding the issue you may read:

If you choose Arvixe as your hosting partner I will appreciate your choice. Because I and some of my friends are also using Arvixe. Because the performance of Arvixe is really awesome. Now I am going to share with you a tip to save some money when you purchase your hosting from Arvixe. You must use a coupon code to save some money when registering with your hosting provider. Now have a look at below how to use a coupon code in Arvixe hosting.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” size=”6″ center=”yes” radius=”round” icon=”icon: hand-o-right” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″ title=”Arvixe the best web hosting”]First of all go to Arvixe[/su_button]

Now click on view plans
Choose your desired plans.
After choosing one, write the coupon code “BloggingGarden” on the box of Promo/Coupon Code
Click on use button

using arvixe coupon

Wow…! You you’re currently saving 54% discount…!
Once you complete the transaction you will get some features like:

  • life time free domain
  • Unlimited disks apace
  • Automated software installation
  • Fastest server
  • Free domain privacy protection and many more

If you need any further assistance feel free to ask me through your comment. Otherwise contact me without any hesitation and don’t forget to share this article to your social network.

Why I have hosted my blog in arvixe hosting?

arvixe review

As you may already know that I am a fan of wordpress and my intense is to share the blogging ideas to all of my audiences. I have started my blogging journey since three years. But before start blogging I researched day after day that where I will store my site’s data and images? Which web hosting company is the best? It is true there are so many web hosting service providers around the world. May be some of them are good some of bad! Because I wanted to be clarified. That’s why I had a couple of questions regarding the issue.

(1) How many companies are reliable and trustworthy?
(2) How long the server uptime they provide?
(3) How is their customer support?

I have found a number of answers to these questions. But in my study I got some of the best web host companies. Such as:

                                √ Bluehost

                                √ Dream host

                                √ Arvixe web hosting      (my choice)

                                √ Qhoster

                                √ Siteground

But I have finally chosen Arvixe web hosting for my Blogging Garden. Now I am going to describe why I have hosted my blog in Arvixe hosting:

1. They have wonderful Support
First of all let me tell you in how many ways Arvixe support to their customers. Have a look at below:
arvixe mail
The support of Arvixe is really awesome. [bctt tweet=”Whenever I have faced any kind of difficulty related hosting issue I contacted them and they really helped me without any delay.” via=”no”] Their live chat service is really marvelous and it is 24/7 based. I think when we face any trouble we feel hesitation to contact them. But I can tell you from my experience the support team of Arvixe is really proactive and helpful to their users. So don’t feel any hesitation if you need any pre sale or post sale queries.

2. Reliability
I have never experienced a single pro-longed service downtime since I started using arvixe web hosting services. Just a single day I had a major downtime was caused by a bad configuration in my .htaccess file. But the issue was corrected by the arvixe support team within a short time. Because they promised 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Don’t think I’m the only one testifying about how trustworthy Arvixe hosting has been over the years.

3. Great Accountability
Arvixe, being a great web hosting provider has remained highly accountable counting by the several years I have been with them. Some of my friends using their service and all of they are very much satisfied with Arvixe. And also I have even referred more persons to this great hosting provider than I have ever done before; none of them has had a single complain regards their accountability.

4. Easy Sign up Process
Never a time, has any of my friends complained, even the ones that aren’t too good with internet forms still finds their way around the arvixe services order interface.
I really rate their cart idea as one of the best out there, one can smoothly order for upgrades for example “dedicated IP Address”, “VPS class plans”, “SSL certificate and the likes without having to contact their support.

5. Life time free domain:
Arvixe giving a life time free domain with their every hosting package. You don’t have to pay any charge for your domain. If you don’t remaining with them you can transfer your domain easily.

6. Easy and Latest Cpanel
The entire control panel of arvixe is really easy to use and the updated features are included into the cpanel. When I first log in to my account cpanel I was really pleased to see the total out looking. Irrespective of Windows or Linux server, arvixe will deliver with all plans the newest version of Cpanel Software with all their mouth-watering add-ons. Also they have some special and effective 3rd party service like SEO, one click wordpress installation, auto responder and so on.

Almost my every friend whose are using Arvixe prefers Control panel to direct admin and any other management solution out there, this is what makes Arvixe hosting better to other affordable hosting providing companies out there.

7. Unlimited disk space and data transfer
They provide unlimited disk space to their users. And also there is no limit regarding the bandwidth. So you can transfer unlimited data.

8. Awesome Discount for New Customers
Arvixe offers a special discount if you use a coupon code. It makes so easy for us to refer new users to Arvixe. For example: if you purchase a Linux Shared Web Hosting package from them you have to pay $4/month and $48/year. But if you use this coupon code “BloggingGarden” (without inverted comma) you can save 54% discount from your purchase. How funny the deal is…! So start your journey with arvixe today.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” size=”6″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”round” icon=”icon: hand-o-right” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″ desc=”save 54% using coupon BloggingGarden” title=”Choose the best web host”]Sign up Arvixe[/su_button]

9. Payment method
Almost every web hosting providers companies uses paypal and master card as a payment method. But Arvixe offers a variety of payment method to purchase their service such as paypal, international master card and skrill. Unfortunately I had neither verified paypal account (as I am in a paypal unsupported country) nor any master card. But I had a verified skrill account and got sufficient balance. This is why I like Arvixe.

10. Free Domain privacy protection
As you may know your “domain privacy protection” is a crucial issue and you should try to hide them from public visibility. Because, it can be one of the reason to hacking your website. Almost every domain register offers this service with a monthly or yearly basis charge. But Arvixe give you this service absolutely free.

Have a look at some achievement of arvixe for their magnificent performance:

arvixe awards

Pros: above are the pros of Arvixe
Cons: if they improve the server performance sometimes your site will be down for a couple of minutes. But you’ll be updated through your mail.

Now it is your choice to pick up your own decision. I have just got these above points are positive. If you find any unhelpful issue regarding the arvixe hosting feel free to share with us. And if you got this article helpful to take your decision I’ll be highly proud of it. If you need any help to choose your own hosting don’t feel hesitate to contact with me.